My favorite lip pencil at the moment..

24 Jul

Hi Beauty addicts, today I feel excited to introduce you all to my favorite lip liner.. I have been wearing this very frequently for almost three months now..

IMG_7961 copy

Its the MAC lip pencil in ‘Half-Red’.. The name doesn’t quite fit with the shade.. Its just the perfect combination of brown and pink to make this beautiful mauve-y burgundy color that’s perfect for my pigmented lips and my NC40-42 skin tone.. I wear it on its own all over my lips or layer it with another lip product.. So, if you have similar skin tone this might be a good lip liner to try.. It retails for $15 and contains 1.45 g or 0.05 oz of product..

IMG_7962 copy

IMG_7964 copy IMG_7970 copy IMG_7971 copy

A lot of Indian brides wear this color because it looks so natural on NC40-42 skin tones.. It also lasts for a decent amount of time (few hours)..

IMG_7974 copy IMG_7977 copy

Beautylish and Neiman Marcus haul.. :-)

20 Jul

Hey guys,

Here’s another little but expensive makeup/skincare haul I made this month.. I had some gift cards to redeem and hence the splurge at Neiman Marcus.. ;-)

IMG_9632 copy

From, I purchased quite a few products:

1. Indie Lee Blemish stick.. My skin has been acting up recently and my usual acne treatments have not been good enough for my breakout.. So, while on their website, I landed on this product and when I read all the reviews, I had to give it a try.. It is on the pricier side at $28 for an acne treatment.. So, I’ll let you know if it worked for me.. 

2. RCMA 5 part series favorite palette in the shade ‘Shinto’ since this palette seemed to suit my skin tone the best based on online swatches.. I feel this is a great deal since I get 5 shades for $30 which can cater towards my foundation, concealer, highlighter and contour product.. 

3. Wayne Goss brushes!! I purchased #02, #03 and #19..  


From, I purchased the following products at 10% discount:

1. SK-II Facial essence treatment for a whooping $90!!! I really hope Pitera in this product is worth it!

2. Kevin Aucoin concealer brush for $28.80 after the discount.. This brush is quite similar to the one I currently use (a drugstore dupe).. I’ll keep you posted if this is worth the hype.. 


In-depth reviews for all these products will come soon… Take care.. 


My space – Vanity setup.. :-)

16 Jul

Hey guys, Today I am sharing with you my vanity setup at the new place.. I hope you enjoy.. Do let me know if you have any specific questions.. 

IMG_9576 copy

 I have two of the Ikea Ekby Gruvan shelves ( arranged in an L-shape as my vanity table… What I really like about these is that the glass top enables me to see what I have and use more of the stuff I own.. One of the shelves is on the wall with the help of shelf brackets while for the other one, I purchased legs from Ikea and added them onto the shelf.. For the purposes of this post I’ll refer to the one with legs as the left shelf while the other one on the wall is the right shelf.. The lighting – MUSIK wall lamps, chair and mirror are also from Ikea (

On the floor, I have a mesh basket with most of my palettes – eyeshadow and contour/blush palettes.. On the right side, I have my waste basket, my travel bags/containers and random boxes filled with goodies I don’t use regularly (extra concealers, more palettes, face products, etc).. I also have a nail polish rack on one of the walls.. 

IMG_9574 copy

Here is a closer look.. Behind and under the left shelf, I have two sets of cheap plastic drawers at the moment for storing mostly skincare products.. On top of that, I have a glass jar where I store my dirty brushes that need washing.. On top of the left shelf, I have my setting spray, hand sanitizer, brush cleaners, liquid highlighters, tape, some drugstore lip glosses/creams, cotton, beautyblender, roll of bounty, q-tips, mascaras that I am not using at the moment and my travel bag (pink and black).. Under that glass top, I have laid out all my pigments, face products such as highlighters and contour products, eyeshadow bases, cream shadows, Hourglass ambient lighting palette, spatula, mixing palette, a pair of small scissors, tweezers, etc..  

Onto the right side now.. Here I have most of my lip products laid out in lipstick holders.. I really like seeing the color or name.. It helps me pick the right shade I need.. All the lipsticks and lip stains are on the left while the lip glosses and lip balmy products are on the right.. I also have a holder in the center carrying all my lip and eye pencils.. I also have a magnifying mirror, ben nye banana powder, benefit powderflage powder, my trusted and much loved NARS pro-prime eye primer, smashbox photo finish primer, maybelline clear mascara (for brows), etc.. I also have the mascaras I am currently using out here.. 

Under the glass top, I have all my single eyeshadows, my Z-palette with favorite neutral eyeshadows, my MAC palette with blushes and contour powder, 3 palettes I am loving at the moment (Lorac pro, IT cosmetics naturally pretty and Smashbox Photo Op eye enhancing palette for brown eyes), Chanel Soleil Tan de chanel, a few powder highlighters, MUFE concealer, Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer, It cosmetics bye bye pores powder, skindinavia setting spray, etc.. Most of my every day products are on this right shelf.. 

IMG_9575 copy

On the right of this shelf is another set of plastic drawers from Walmart.. I have all my single blushes in the top drawer.. The other drawers have extra eye primers (that haven’t worked for me), extra face primers, other face brushes, other eye brushes, fake lashes, face masks, hair products, etc.. I have all my foundations and extra beauty blender/sponges in containers on top of this drawer set.. 

 IMG_9577 copy

In another corner of the room, I have all my perfumes and jewelry on top of my dresser.. I have another nail polish rack in this corner..

I hope you enjoyed this post.. Take care and have a wonderful rest of the week.. :-) 

Nordstrom Haul :-)

2 Jul

Today I am sharing some of the items I purchased a few months ago from Nordstrom.. I have been wanting some of these products for a long time now.. I have been debating forever to get the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzing base and the Kevin Aucoin Sculpting powder.. Finally, I mustured the courage to invest in these and I must say I am  not disappointed.. :-)

IMG_7942 copy

IMG_7945 copy

I have already reviewed the Soleil tan de chanel here..

I also ended up purchasing the MAC lip liner in Half-Red and the Bobbi brown Skin foundation stick in ‘4.75 Golden Natural’.. I absolutely love Half-Red.. It has soon replaced many of my lip products and has become a staple for me.. The BB foundation stick is a tad too yellow toned and a bit dark for me.. I might have to get it replaced with another shade.. The formula is gorgeous though..

What are you guys upto? I have moved the past weekend and do not have internet yet at the new place.. Hence, the lack of new posts.. :-(  I’ll be back as soon as the internet is up and running… Take care.. :-)


NOTD.. :-)

23 Jun

Hey Folks,

Happy Monday! Sorry I haven’t been posting very frequently.. I am wrapping up my thesis writing and also moving {closer to makeup stores ;-)}.. I hardly get time between writing, packing, etc.. So, the next few posts will be simple like this one and not detailed reviews..

This week I am sporting this beautiful coral nail paint.. It’s the Covergirl Outlast stay brilliant nail gloss in ‘coy coral #255′.. It costs between $4-$5 depending on what store you purchase it from.. Costs much less if you buy them during sale..

IMG_9572 copy IMG_9573 copy

Here is what Covergirl has to say about this line of polish.. “Go topless! Get seven days of glossy color, no top coat needed. Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss’ 3-in-1 Formula combines a smooth finish, even color, and wear-resistant glossy shine without the need for a base or topcoat.”

“At a Glance,

  • Base, color, and top coat in one
  • Glossy color that can last as long as one week
  • The longer you wear it, the glossier it gets”

I did notice shine without any need of top coat (as shown in images above).. Yesterday was Day-1.. I’ll have to get back to you on the longevity of this nail paint at the end of the week.. We shall see how well it lasts.. Take care and have a great rest of the week.. :-)

Update: The nail paint wore beautifully for a full 6 days with only one minor chip on the right hand despite the fact that I was mostly packing and cleaning the old apartment..

Here are some pictures taken on day 7 since application..




Underestimated makeup product: Brush guard!

16 Jun


IMG_7107 copy1

The brush guards are a gift from makeup heaven! Lol.. They just make our lives so much easier.. The price – $10 is so worth it especially considering the amount we invest on brushes..

Basically, these are covers for brushes developed by Diane.. She developed this concept in collaboration with her friend Malcolm, who is an engineer.. This idea sparked off during a dinner conversation and the result is a brilliant invention..


I use them for 2 purposes:

1. To reshape brushes after washing.. just slip one of the brush guards appropriate in size to the brush and wait for it to dry.. Voila.. the brushes are back in shape and are perfect to use (especially useful for large face brushes and blending brushes for eye)! Using brush guards also enables you to store the brushes upside down while drying.. just place them in a jar or a cup..

See my related article:

2. To protect my brushes while travelling.. Covering brushes with the brush guard prevents damage to the bristles..


They are available at Ulta, Sephora, and I highly recommend the variety pack to start with.. Happy brush cleaning.. :-)

Cream contour product for all skin tones upto NC40-NC42…

9 Jun

After seeing the success of my article on contour product for NC40-42, I figured I should try a few more contour products.. So, here’s my review of the much loved Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzing makeup base (earlier known as Bronze Universel).. Hope this is helpful to you..

IMG_7955 copy

IMG_7957 copy

Chanel is probably one the few companies that makes a good cream bronzer.. The Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel has been a favorite of makeup artists for many years.. The only downside is that it comes only in a single shade.. I purchased it from Nordstrom and it cost USD $48.00.. It comes in a huge plastic jar containing 30g of product, which will last forever! It is well worth the money considering the cost per gm of product compared to other brands such as MAC, Benefit, etc..

IMG_7959 copy   IMG_7960 copy

The container looks like frosted glass and has a black plastic twist-off lid.. The lid has the classic Chanel logo in gold while the container has the words Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel embossed in black.. The packaging has a lid inside that helps seal the container from air and hence prevents drying out of the product..

The product has a rose scent which may be a problem for those sensitive to scent.. I absolutely love the scent and almost every time I use it, I make sure I smell it.. ;-)


IMG_7978 copy

Image: Unblended swatch on a portion of my wrist that’s pale from wearing a watch.. 

IMG_7980 copy

Right: Blended out.. The pale area on my wrist now blends in with the rest of my hand.. 

The product is a gel-cream which is a warm brown shade.. It works on most skin tones upto NC42.. This product may be too light for anybody deeper than NC42 skin tone.. It can be used on its own or under or above foundation.. With a light hand, it makes for a great bronzer and gives a beautiful glow to my skin.. When layered and topped off with a powder, this develops into an excellent contour product..

It blends beautifully on the skin and is easy to apply.. It can be worn on its own to add warmth to the skin and to even out the skin tone.. It leaves behind a diffused, bronzed effect..  It stays put all day and doesn’t look orange/red on my skin.. With this product, it’s important to use a good brush that doesn’t shed.. I personally prefer the Real Techniques contour brush.. It gives a lovely finish to my skin.. I highly recommend this product if you are on the market for a natural looking cream bronzer/contour product..


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