One of my favorite go-to lip products..

17 Apr

It’s funny and amusing how I have gone through almost two tubes of this and haven’t written a blog post dedicated to this shade in particular… It’s the Tarte Lipsurgence in ‘Envy’.. For a full review on the line and seeing swatches of other shades, please check out

IMG_2052 copy IMG_2054 copy IMG_2055 copy

Envy is a deep pink with a berry undertone.. It’s a lovely product that goes well with any look, especially when I am unsure of what to add to my lips.. It goes equally well with a classic winged liner as it does with a smoky eye..

IMG_2060 copy

Image: Envy in indoor lighting

IMG_2062 copy

Image: Envy in day light (more true to color)

Medium to deeper skin tone gals, if you haven’t tried ‘Envy’, I highly recommend it..

I hope you all are having a great week so far.. It’s been very busy for me.. One more week before I submit my thesis to my committee! Yikes..

NARS Narsissist Palette..

9 Apr

Today I am featuring the much awaited NARS Narsissist eyeshadow palette.. This palette features 15 NARS signature eye shadow shades which are pretty much on the neutral side.. You get 0.003 oz of each shadow ranging from nudes to browns to taupe to purple to greys… The palette costs $79.00 USD and looks gorgeous in typical NARS packaging..

IMG_6829 copy

IMG_6830 copy

It has the following shades which are no where mentioned on the packaging!

0.003 oz x 15 eye shadow in: All About Eve I (flesh toned neutrals), Madrague II (matte caramel), Fez (velvety cocoa), Bali (neutral), Coconut Grove (deep brown infused with reflections), Madrague I (matte cream), Nepal (soft sheer rose), Ashes to Ashes (shimmery violet based brown), Brousse II (black violet), Mekong (espresso infused with gold), Bellissima I (shimmering beige with subtle glitter), Lhasa (lavender grey), Bad Behavior (deep pewter), Dogon II (charcoal black), Pandora II (matte black)

IMG_6832 copy

Image: Palette in natural day light..

IMG_6837 copy

Image: Palette in indoor lighting.. 

There was a lot of  hype surrounding this palette, especially at the time of release.. However, after release there were mixed reviews for this palette… This did not deter me because I have wanted to try NARS eyeshadows for a long time and really wanted to like this palette.. I really enjoy their eye shadow primer, lip products, blushes and foundations.. Unfortunately, this palette did nothing for me (See swatches below)..

IMG_6841 copy

Image: Swatch in indoor lighting……

IMG_6845 copy

Image: Swatch in natural light..

I bought the first palette in Sephora and played around with it trying to make it work.. However, the pigmentation on these eye shadows is extremely poor (as seen in the swatches), except for 2 shades Fez and Brouse II.. The first 4 shades in the palette almost look the same on my skin tone.. Also, the last 4 shades which look different in the palette don’t look much different on my skin tone.. Most of the other shades are too sheer…

However, just to eliminate the possibility that I got a dud, I took the palette back to Sephora and got it replaced… Story repeated itself.. Pigmentation is sooo poor.. I expected NARS eye shadows to deliver… and they failed.. badly… especially for $79.. Drugstore eye shadows offer more pigmentation than these for a fraction of the cost.. The only shadow that really was as per my expectations was Fez, the first shadow in the 3rd column.. Really smooth and pigmented.

Positives: Neutral palette (can get a lot of use out of it); beautiful, sleek, compact packaging; convenient palette for travel

Negatives : No eye shadow names on palette; price; lack of pigmentation; color range (many shades are redundant); dark shadows are difficult to blend


Overall, this palette was a fail for me.. I hope NARS comes out with better palettes next time around..

Sephora VIB Rouge social and Haul..

4 Apr

IMG_7348 copy

I have yet another Haul for you guys! I took advantage of the Sephora VIB Rouge social event on the 30th of March and got 15% discount on my purchase.. A discount, no matter how small, is sooo important… especially to suck me in and buy more than what I had intended to! Fortunately, they ran out of a couple of products I wanted to get… I plan to order them online in a few days..

So, lets have a look at what I got..

IMG_7350 copy

1. NARS matte multiple in ‘Siam’.. I went in to check the darker brown tones for contour and realized they were too light for me.. Ended up getting this gorgeous hot, orange-red color.. It’s gorgeous.. I wish they were cheaper!

2. MUFE HD blush in # 510… I had in mind to check out this line of blushes and I am yet to test this out.. Will let you know once I make up my mind on this…

3. After hearing Lisa Eldridge talk about her love for cleansers and masks with lactic acid, I really wanted to try the Philosophy miracle cleanser with lactic acid.. Unfortunately, the store did not have that product on its own.. It was only available as a part of a  3-4 product pack.. The Sephora artist there was kind enough to open one of these packs and make me a sample of this product.. It’ll be under testing soon….

4. I went in to buy the NARS sheer matte foundation in Syracuse but Sephora was out of that shade… So, instead I decided to get a sample of the NARS sheer glow foundation in Syracuse.. Have tried it twice and have enjoyed it.. It’s a tad dark for me.. But might work better mixed with Barcelona which I already have.. Still debating which one to get though – sheer matte or sheer glow.. I did notice that the sheer glow formula was a lot darker in tone than the sheer matte formula in the same color ‘Syracuse’…

5. Random picks:

Of course they have these cute tiny packs of Smashbox primers to test.. I got the one for color correction.. Lets see how it fares…

I couldn’t stop myself from getting these gorgeous colored, waterproof eyeliners from Sephora! I got them in green and bright blue! These are amazing and at a great price…

Also got the Tarte Lipsurgence pigment intense to try.. The packaging looked cute and the swatches looked moisturizing.. Hope this works.. They weren’t cheap!

And finally, I got the free VIB Rouge bag with tiny samples.. nothing exceptional…

Can’t wait to review these products.. Will any of these change my makeup routine drastically??? We’ll see… :-)

Have a great weekend, Y’all… I am heading to Windy city…

One of the best products for controlling oil production on face..

1 Apr

Hey there, today I am sharing my secret weapon at controlling oil production on my combination skin.. It is a great product and can be used before or after applying makeup.. I prefer using it after my entire makeup has been applied and set in place.. The product I am talking about is the MAC Prep + Prime skin refined zone..

MAC website says “A light, oil-free emulsion that helps cloak visible pores while controlling oil and shine. Applies “wet” for a gentle micro-exfoliation: dries instantly to create an invisible, long-lasting natural matte finish. Ideal for the T-zone.”

This product does exactly what it claims.. No more shiny T-zone or any other part of the face.. :-)


IMG_2679 copy IMG_2680 copy

The product comes in an easy to use squeeze tube.. and it is of a great size for travel purposes.. The tip and the squeeze function lets you get only the amount you need at a time.. and keep in mind, you only need the tiniest drop to cover your nose/center of forehead/chin, etc.. It goes on wet but dries to a clear, matte finish.. It costs $21.00 for 15 ml / 0.5 US fl oz..


IMG_2681 copy IMG_2682 copy

Apply a tiny amount of the skin refined zone to the problem area (in this case, demonstrating on my hand)

IMG_2689 copy  IMG_2684 copy


Product blended in… You can see the clear difference between the two halves of my hand.. The Left half that has the skin refined zone is absolutely Matte in finish and you don’t see any shine there… It usually stays that way for at least half or more of the day.. The right half of the hand is moisturized and normal.. ;-)

You really have to try this product to believe it.. :-)

Has any of you tried this product? What are your thoughts?

Happy Birthday Beautylashes19.. :-)

28 Mar


(Image from

Yes, Beautylashes is one year old… Can’t believe it’s been one whole year since Beautylashes19 started! It’s been such an amazing journey.. I can’t believe I’ve been chit-chatting / blogging for one whole year! Wow.. It’s so much fun when one writes about what one enjoys.. I love reviewing products for you and creating new makeup looks.. I haven’t found much time this past year with makeup looks since it has been my last year in University as a student and it has been extremely busy.. However, I am sure the upcoming year will be more than fruitful.. :-)

I hope beautylashes19 has many more birthdays and grows each year.. I want to thank each one of you for supporting me throughout this initial phase of me trying to learn the ways of blogging.. As a thank you, I will plan to do a small giveaway for my blog followers – probably sometime in June/July.. Watch out for that..

THANK YOU once again.. I am truly grateful.. :-)

Much love,

Sneha (Did you know my name meant love) ;-)

60 Little Tips That Can Change a Girl’s Life

27 Mar


Fun, cool things to improve a girl’s/woman’s life… !

Originally posted on Serendipity and Creativity:

One small step for girls, one giant leap for womankind.
  1. Download a banking app.
  2. Drink more herbal tea. It will save your life.
  3. Making your own coffee/tea instead of buying it will make you a rich woman.
  4. Always have at least 6 chap sticks stocked up.
  5. Check out thrift stores. You may have to wash things three times before you get the old lady smell out, but it’s well worth it.
  6. Never buy cheap jeans.
  7. Buy cheap sunglasses instead.
  8. Don’t chase boys.
  9. Wrinkle spray and a hair dryer erase all need to ever use an iron for all of you lazy ironers like me.
  10. Wear slippers when you have to drive in heels.
  11. Wear slippers when you’re travelling.
  12. Wear slippers at all moments that it’s even slightly acceptable to wear slippers.
  13. Spend a little extra money on your make up; it’s so worth it.
  14. Get running sneakers that are actually…

View original 637 more words

All about my skin care routine (combination-oily skin)…

25 Mar

Image from

I’ve had my mind on this post for a while now and I finally get around to writing it! It’s a post about my skin type and how I combat the problems I come across.. But first some basics on skin! Don’t worry.. its not a long, boring lecture.. I want us to understand the basic principles of skin before we treat it…

Our skin is the largest organ in our body that protects us from external agents.. So, its of utmost importance that we take good care of it.. Of the many things on our skin, its the sebaceous glands that produce a substance called sebum, skin’s natural lubricant.. It acts as a film on our skin and is important in retaining moisture.. However, uncontrolled sebum production can lead to skin problems such as blackheads, clogged pores, pimples, visible pores and rough skin which are all commonly associated with combination – oily skin type..

A lot of us folks with combination to oily skin often try to combat oil production or appearance of oil on our skin and hope that all other problems associated will disappear.. Majority of the people take the harsher way out – they literally strip the natural oils/sebum from the skin by using harsh products on their skin.. This in turn, leads to more oil production and flaky, dry skin patches.. which is not a pretty sight..


Picture from

I have some solutions that have worked for me.. These may or may not work for you since each person’s skin reacts differently to various products.. My approach is simple… I prefer to treat my skin with mild, gentle products and provide moisture (even if doesn’t seem to make sense for oily skin)…

Step 1: Take off all your makeup! Even if it’s late at night and you are all tired… This step is very important and should not be skipped.. I love using Purity by philosophy or Shiseido balancing cleansing oil to take off all my makeup.. If you really are super exhausted, the least you could do is take a makeup removing wipe and get rid of as much makeup as possible..

Step 2: Use a toner appropriate for your skin type.. I vary my toner depending on the seasons.. In dry winters, I don’t use a toner or use a very mild one.. I really like refreshing, spray on toners… Some good ones are Murad Essential-C toner and Lush breath of fresh air skin toner.. In the warmer months, I switch to more minty, eucalyptus kinda clean scent toners.. One such toner I enjoy is the Murad clarifying toner.. But, I really keep a watch on my skin and use one vs the other…

Step 3: Add serum and moisturizer... I use serum for lightening my acne scars that are left behind from hormonal breakouts.. I love using Embryolisse Anti-Dark Spot Lightening serum or Origins Mega bright skin tone correcting serum.. I let that sink into my skin for a few minutes and then top it off with a moisturizer.. I love the Embryolisse line of moisturizers.. I use the Embryolisse lait creme concentre in colder months and switch to using the Embryolisse hydra mat during warmer months.. Some days, all I need is serum and I’m good to go to the next step!

Step 4: Add an eye cream… I switch them up but currently I am trying out the Origins plantscription anti-ageing eye treatment… One I loved in the past is Origins GinZing eye cream…

Step 5: Add a lip conditioner/balm.. I absolutely love and swear by Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream skin protectant! I couldn’t be without this product…

Step 6 (night time only): Add anti-blemish products on your troublesome areas.. I use the Origins out of trouble mask and Glamglow supermud clearing treatment as overnight spot treatment and these work decently..

Step 7 (mornings only): Apply sunscreen! I cannot emphasize the importance of using sunscreen enough.. Your skin will thank you when its older.. :-) Trust me on that.. I love using Shiseido Ultra skin protection lotion.. It does NOT make your skin oily unlike most sunscreens! Also, using a sunscreen will prevent uneven pigmentation and deep acne scarring..

Once a week, I try to indulge in some form of face mask treatment.. I try to be regular with this but kinda don’t find time every week for it.. I use any of the Origins or Glamglow masks or even drugstore masks with clay in it during warmer months.. In winter, I prefer using enzyme masks such as the one by Philosophy (one minute purifying enzyme peel)… An all-time favorite face mask is the Dr. Jart+ pore purifying mask! I highly recommend this one.. I use it for special occasions..

Also, 1-2 times a week, I use a face scrub or Clarisonic (with purity by philosophy) to take away the dead skin cells.. The scrub I am enjoying using is MAC volcanic ash exfoliater.. Origins modern friction is a milder scrub for individuals with sensitive skin..

Few product I love to use after my makeup for controlling oil production throughout the day are the Skindinavia no more shine makeup finish setting spray ( and MAC skin refined zone (Full review will follow later)..

Also, every time I am in India, I make sure I get as much facials as possible.. When I lived back in Mumbai, I would have the luxury of getting facials at home every month! It really helps flushing the skin of toxins and giving it a youthful glow.. I can’t wait for one of my favorite Youtubers Lisa Eldridge ( to make a video on her facial massage routine! I could then incorporate it into my skin care routine!

and finally, be hydrated! Drink atleast 2-3 litres of water.. It helps in cleansing your body and flushes out toxins.. A well hydrated skin has a natural glow to it..

I hope this article was helpful in some way! Cheers.. Have a great rest of the week…

P.S. Having oily skin has its benefits too.. You are more likely to have younger looking skin at a later age compared to your dry or normal skin pals.. :-) So, stop hating it and embrace what you have/are born with.. :-)

Hush hush.. I am attending the Sephora VIB rouge special event this Sunday at my local Sephora! Excited…

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