Inglot haul part 2

Hey All,

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it.. I hope you all had a great weekend.. I thought of continuing with my Inglot purchases..

Here’s some other products I purchased during my recent Inglot haul..

IMG_4997 copy

AMC Cream Concealer in # 70

This concealer has a very creamy consistency and retails for USD $10.00.. They have 8 shades to choose from including a green corrector.. this was the shade closest to my skin tone (NC 40-42 in MAC)…  I have been using this as an under eye concealer.. It stays put ok for some time if I set it with powder but it does crease on me.. I would not recommend it for blemishes since this has a very creamy consistency and can easily slide off the face especially for oily-combination skin gals..

IMG_5005 copy

Freedom system lipsticks (L to R) : #39, #61 and #60 on top row; #63, #83, #49 and #88 on bottom row.

#63 had a dent from travelling.. 🙁

These lipstick pans retail for USD $5.00 each and are currently housed in one of my UNII palettes. I wanted three other colors that were out of stock. I have placed an online order for them and should have them soon.. 🙂

Here are some swatches:

IMG_5045 copy    IMG_5046 copy

These pictures are taken in broad daylight.. One can appreciate the smooth texture of these lipsticks from these pictures.. The top swatch for each color is intense and the bottom swatch is with a lighter hand..

IMG_5043 copy IMG_5044 copy

These pictures are in indoor light.. The top swatch for each color is intense and the bottom swatch is with a lighter hand..

The lipsticks are creamy and are highly pigmented.. The application is really smooth and these last on the lips for a long time which can be extended with a lip primer underneath.. They last about 4-6 hours on me depending on the color of the lipstick.. In general, the darker colors tend to last longer and almost leave a stain on the lips.. These colors mask my pigmented lips very well.. Overall, very happy with my purchase..

The only drawback I see others talking about is carrying one of them to work.. I just saved some of the plastic cases these came in and use those to carry one or two of these for retouch.. I use the Sigma L05 lip brush to apply these..

I am down with a cold.. Hate being sick, esp over the weekend.. Hope to feel better soon.. 🙂

P.S. Please bear in mind that the color might show up differently on different skintones, esp considering the pigmentation on one’s lips..

Inglot Haul part 1


I recently made some purchases at the Inglot counter in Macy’s water tower, Chicago. I was helped by Rosha who assisted me in choosing my colors. I purchased 4 matte gel eyeliners, 21 eyeshadows, two 10-square eyeshadow palettes, 7 round lipstick pans, a blush, face and body Illuminator and 2 nail enamels..

The lipstick and eyeshadows are from the Inglot freedom system. I wanted a few more shades but they were sold out – have ordered them online though. One would think I bought enough but apparently not.. 😉

Here are some pictures of the eyeliners, blush, face and body Illuminator and nail enamels..

IMG_4993 copy

Matte Gel Eyeliners (L to R) : #87, #77, #86 and #79

IMG_4995 copy

IMG_4996 copy

IMG_5000 copy

AMC Blush # 63

IMG_4999 copy

Face and body Illuminator in # 65

IMG_5059 copy

IMG_4992 copy

Nail Enamels (L to R) : Nail enamel in # 57 and O2M breathable nail enamel in # 668

My Inglot Haul..

I was thinking long and hard about my first post.. mainly about the topic for my first post.. and then I made a trip to Chicago and fell in love with Inglot! So my first few posts will be dedicated to my Inglot haul and my thoughts on the products.. I hope you enjoy..

IMG_4990 copy