Inglot sale!! Mothers day special..

Hello folks,

I just wanted to let you know of a great discount by Inglot.. From 1st of May to 12th of May Inglot is offering 30% off on ALL INDIVIDUAL ROUND FREEDOM SYSTEM LIPSTICK, CREAM CONCEALER, BROW POWDER, BROW WAX SHADES AND PALETTES..–MOTHER-DAY-DISCOUNTS.html?soid=1107973283655&aid=-R6So0HpzOc

This would be a great opportunity if you haven’t tried the Inglot makeup yet.. I am planning to indulge myself.. A discount is always exciting – especially 30%! 

Tarte Glamazon lipstick review..

Tarte Glamazon pure performance 12-hour lipstick (Phew, that’s a mouthful!) is described as a long wearing, clay infused lipstick and retails for $26.00… It is supposed to be a rich, vivid and long wearing color that applies smoothly and that doesn’t fade away..

I purchased one such Glamazon from Sephora to try out.. I was instantly blown away by the pigmentation on these lipsticks.. I swatched a few and found my calling.. had to be a bright orange-red! 😉

The color I have is called “Fierce” and is described as a bright red lipstick.. Went on smoothly on the lips without any lip primer and did not dry out my lips.. It has a satin like finish and stays put throughout a regular 9-10 hour workday (I did touch up after lunch even though it didn’t come off completely)! I apply it with my Sigma L05 lip brush..

I received a bunch of compliments that day and also tried it on my friends with darker skin tones and it looked lovely on them too.. It’s available in 7 other shades and I am sure there is one for every skin tone.. For reference, my skin tone is NC 40-42…

Some pictures and swatches:



PS IMG_5281




My Holy Grail eye primer!


As most people who enjoy makeup, I love playing up my eyes.. But, what held me back was that my lids would crease up within half hour.. I have searched high and low for an eye primer that actually works up to its claim on my super oily and partially hooded eyelids.. I have tried drugstore ones from ELF to high end ones such as the well known Urban Decay primer potion, Too faced shadow insurance, Laura Mercier eye basics etc.. Alas, nothing worked! 🙁

I had almost given up and started to believe that nothing could work on my oily eyelids.. That’s when I gave a try to the NARS Smudge proof eyeshadow base.. Sephora was having 15% off for VIBs during chic week, so I took a chance since it usually costs about USD $24.00.. and boy does it work like a dream or what????? It’s the only primer that kept the eyeshadows in place on my oily eyelids even after 10 hours of wear.. I am absolutely in looooove with it.. and have been testing it every single day for the past two weeks.. It stays put, even with cream eyeshadows on top..

IMG_5285 copy

IMG_5286 copy

Packaging.. Comes in a black and white tube with a doe-foot applicator..

IMG_5289 copy

IMG_5290 copy

One just needs a tiny amount to make this work.. I just apply about this much to each eye and blend it in with either my ring finger or a real techniques synthetic brush..

IMG_5292 copy

Blended in.. leaves a bit of a whitish cast initially but that changes into a matte finish.. Just make sure that you are using a base shadow (preferably skin tone) all over the eyelid area if you are planning to use a dark color ‘coz this base makes for a very sticky surface and it may be quite tricky to blend later if used without a skintone base eyeshadow color..

I hope this was helpful to folks like me who have oily eyelids and have a hard time finding an eye primer that works!

Have a great weekend!

Red & Gold Look…

This is the look I came up with on a dull Saturday night.. This is by no means a very wearable look.. although some would disagree with me..  😉

It was a day I was obsessed with the color red! I was bored and my fiance suggested that I play with makeup.. esp Red! He was the one who suggested trying an eye look with red eyeshadow.. It sure helps to have a man who says that!

Unfortunately, I did this at night and couldn’t get any pictures in daylight.. Nevertheless, here it is..

1 copy

5 copy

6 copy


8 copy


9 copy


11 copy


The eyelids were primed with too faced Shadow insurance, followed by Inglot # AMC 50 all over the lid and into the crease.. This was blended beyond the crease to diffuse the color.. Next MUFE star powder # 922, a loose gold pigment was applied near the tear duct area and was also used lightly under the brows to highlight it.. The gold near the tear duct area was blended into the red on the eyelids..

2 copy

On the lower lash line, I wanted a complementary color and opted for green.. I use Inglot # D.S. 611 for this..

For mascara, I used MAC zoom lash on my right eye.. It started to clump.. so used the MUFE smoky lash mascara on my left eye.. I know it looks funny up close but I was right at home with absolutely nowhere to go!

14 copy

Next came the gel eyeliners.. I used a red eyeliner (Inglot # 79) all over the upper lash line (very close to the lashes) and extended it out into a wing.. This red wing was then surrounded by green eyeliner (Inglot # 86) to make it brighter..

7 copy

The red eyeliner was also extended into the inner corner of the eyes to make a pointed tip for a feline appearance..

For my brows, I used brun eyeshadow by MAC on an angled brush..

8 lips copy

10 lips

12 lips


On the lips, I had a MUFE Rouge artist intense lipstick in # 42 and blended it using the Sigma brush # L05..

12 copy

There you have the finished look.. In the end, all I could think about was the cardinal bird.. Coincidentally, it is the state bird of Indiana state.. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post…

My MAC eyeshadow collection

Here’s my MAC eyeshadow collection that I have accumulated over the past 4-4.5 years… I reach for these shades on a daily basis since they are mostly wearable colors.. The first palette features mostly neutral, work appropriate colors while the second palette has more colors in it… Most of these shades should flatter anybody but these are particularly suitable for anybody with similar skin tone as mine (MAC NC 40-42).. Most of these are refill pans from MAC but some of these were bought initially as an individual eyeshadow and were de-potted to fit into the MAC palette.. I find The Cosmetics Company a great place to buy MAC products for a cheaper price..

Palette 1: Neutrals

IMG_5182 copy

IMG_5180 copy

IMG_5185 copy

IMG_5187 copy

IMG_5190 copy

Top Row: Shroom, Ricepaper, Modelette, Bamboo, All that Glitters

Middle Row: Patina, Woodwinked, Amber lights, Cork, Sable

Bottom Row: Ground Brown, Swiss Chocolate, Romp, Expresso, Satin Taupe

The first image is more true to color than this one..

IMG_5194 copy

IMG_5195 copy

Palette 2: Colors

IMG_5197 copy

IMG_5201 copy

IMG_5204 copy



Top Row: Scene, Expensive Pink, Tempting, Goldmine, Trax

Middle Row:  Print, Antiqued, Sumptuous Olive, Mulch, Cranberry

Bottom Row: Carbon, Twinks, Humid, Empty slot and 100 Strokes

IMG_5204 copy

IMG_5209 copy

Individual MAC Eyeshadows / Brow powders: 

IMG_5210 copy

L to R: Warming heart, Uninterrupted & Spectacle of yourself.

IMG_5213 copy

L to R: Saffron, Cross-cultural & Brun

IMG_5214 copy

IMG_5215 copy

IMG_5218 copy

IMG_5220 copy

IMG_5222 copy

MAC Lipstick collection..

Hey Guys,

Following up on my post regarding MAC lipstick finishes, here’s my collection of MAC lipsticks.. I have quite a few colors from the same family of color based on what suits my  skin tone.. I would recommend these shades for anybody with skin tones similar to mine (NC 40-42 in MAC) and/or with dark pigmentation on their lips..

  • The first five are neutral everyday shades…

Siss – The MAC website describes it as “Muted Golden beige” with a Satin finish..

Yash – The MAC website describes it as “Deep Neutral” and has a Matte finish..

Taupe – The MAC website describes it as “Muted reddish Taupe brown” with a Matte finish.. One of my all time favorites -the one in picture is a back up..

Creme in your coffee – The MAC website describes it as “creamy mid-tone pink brown” with a cremesheen finish..

Lovin’ it – The MAC website describes it as “Cool neutral with yellow undertones” with a light frosty sheen.. It is more of a neutral brownish-coral color..

Here are the swatches of the first five lipsticks:

IMG_5145 copy

IMG_5148 copy

IMG_5149 copy

IMG_5150 copy

Top Row: Siss and Yash

Bottom Row: Taupe, Creme in your coffee and Lovin’ it.

  • The next five are pink, coral and browns..

Mehr – The MAC website describes it as “Dirty blue pink” and has a Matte finish..

Mocha – The MAC website describes it as “Peachy yellow brown” with a Satin finish..

Double Shot – The MAC website describes it as “Full-bodies Mocha creme” with a Amplified finish..

Verve – The MAC website describes it as “Muted brownish plum” with a Satin finish..

Polished Up – The MAC website describes it as “Foxy brown” and has a Lustre finish..

Here are the swatches of the next five lipsticks:

IMG_5152 copy

IMG_5153 copy

IMG_5154 copy

IMG_5155 copy

IMG_5156 copy

IMG_5157 copy

Top Row: Mehr and Mocha

Bottom Row: Double Shot, Verve and Polished Up.

  • The next four are reds……

Chili – The MAC website describes it as “Brownish orange-red” and has a Matte finish..

Russian Red – The MAC website describes it as “Intense bluish red” with a Matte finish..

Dare you – The MAC website describes it as “Deep brown-red” with a Cremesheen finish..

Dubonnet – The MAC website describes it as “Deepened Claret” and has a Amplified creme finish..

Here are the swatches:

IMG_5158 copy

IMG_5159 copy

IMG_5160 copy


IMG_5163 copy

IMG_5164 copy

Top Row: Chili and Russian Red

Bottom Row: Dare you and Dubonnet

  • The last two are:

So Very Good – The MAC website describes it as “Mid tone plum with pearl” and is a pro longwear lipcreme.. One of my fav everyday color.. Works well with most office wear..

Look at Her – It is a metallic copper shade with a sheen supreme finish.. It almost looks glossy..

Here are the swatches:

IMG_5165 copy

IMG_5167 copy

IMG_5171 copy

Left: Look at Her!

Right: So Very Good

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.. I am obsessed with IPL cricket matches (Indian at heart)! 😉

Guide to MAC lipsticks based on finish..

Hi Everybody,

I was thinking back to when I started buying MAC lipsticks and how I was clueless about the different finishes of their lipstick.. So, hopefully this will help some of you when heading to MAC next.. 🙂

I think MAC probably makes one of the best lipsticks with many color options and different finishes.. The formula varies from:

1. Matte – Color with no shine or shimmer to it.. They are highly pigmented and a little goes a long way.. I usually pair these with a lip balm or a gloss on top since these can get quite drying on the lips.. Especially considering I have very dry lips.. but I purely love these for the pigmentation.. They are long lasting on my lips relative to other finishes and are my second favorite formula after MAC pro longwear..

2. Satin – This has the pigmentation of Matte lipsticks but with added moisture.. These are creamier and have good lasting power on the lips.. You may still need a lip balm or gloss after a few hours to add back some moisture to your lips.. I enjoy this kind of lipstick which combines moisture with pigmentation..

3. Cremeshene – These are highly creamy and probably the best selling formula by MAC.. These do not dry out the lips and have moisturizing properties.. These provide a medium coverage on the lips and can be built up.. These go on smoothly over the lips.. However, these are not very long-wearing and hence not my favourite finish..

4. Amplified creme – The pigmentation is good on these – ranging between medium to full coverage.. These have a soft creamy texture and last longer than cremesheens.. I typically don’t need added gloss with this finish..

5. Frost – As the name suggests, these are quite shimmery but go on very sheer.. These have a shiny, iridescent look.. For all these reasons, it is not my personal favourite..

6. Lustre – Highly glossy looking.. Coverage is sheer to medium.. it doesn’t stay on the lips for too long.. Can be a good option for low maintenance lipsticks since the color payoff is so sheer..

7. Glaze – These are the most sheer of the lot.. They have a glossy appearance and do not have much lasting power…

8. Pro longwear – The MAC website describes this finish as “Lightweight texture, creamy finish and comfortable longwear combine in this has-it-all pro-class lip colour. Slick in use, applies without need of a top coat- and still lasts up to 12 hours. Won’t feather or transfer, and the colour stays true. Helps lips stay soft and hydrated.”

These are probably my favorite MAC finish since they last very long on the lips.. I personally don’t like reapplying lip products constantly and this surely makes my job easy.. As the name suggests, these are extremely long wearing and have a relatively sticky feel to them which helps it to adhere better to lips.. I don’t get much peeling or drying of lips with this texture.. However, these are a bit tacky when one presses lips together.. Doesn’t bother me too much since I usually have lip gloss or balm over it..

9. Sheen Supreme – The MAC website describes this finish as “Combining the colour impact of a Lipstick with the shine sheen of a Lipglass, Sheen Supreme creates the perfect hybrid – with no compromise. Lightweight, non-sticky, slick to apply and comfortable to wear. This is a must-have for all those who have craved this kind of fusion.”

Extremely glossy looking without much staying power.. Not my favorite finish..

Swatches to demonstrate the different finishes.. I have 7 out of the 9 finishes – missing out on Frost and Glaze finishes..

IMG_5228 copy

Top Row: Matte

Bottom Row: Satin

IMG_5227 copy

Top Row: Satin

Bottom Row: Cremesheen

IMG_5226 copy

All 3 finishes together..

IMG_5230 copy

Top Row: Amplified Creme

Middle Row: Lustre

Bottom row: Pro Longwear

IMG_5232 copy

Top Row: Pro Longwear

Bottom row: Sheen Supreme

Trip to Edinburgh CCO..

Hey Guys,

I was out shopping at the CCO (the Cosmetics company) at Edinburgh, IN recently and made a couple of purchases..

IMG_5067 copy

1. Smashbox Beauty To Go photo finish foundation primer set of two ( Oil-free) – one full size and one travel size.. This was for USD $27.50 before taxes..

IMG_5072 copy

2. MAC pro long wear lip pencil in “Throw me a line”.. This lip pencil was part of their “Hey, Sailor!” collection from Summer 2012. It is a bright red-orange with a matte finish.. The color payoff is great.. and it cost  me USD $13.50 at the CCO.. I see myself wearing this quite a bit through Spring-Summer 2013.. 🙂

IMG_5071 copy

IMG_5074 copy

IMG_5075 copy

In Natural day light

IMG_5077 copy

In Yellow light..


I hope you all are having a great weekend.. 🙂

Inglot haul part 4

Hello All,

Here’s the last of the Inglot haul from Chicago.. Also, I have included swatches of products from my previous posts..

IMG_5000 copy

Inglot AMC blush in # 63

IMG_5013 copy

The Blue eyeshadow on top of the palette is # Matte 338.

  • Swatches of the eyeshadow and the blush.. Both are extremely pigmented and one really needs to be careful while applying the blush.. I just barely touch it with a duo fiber brush and blend it on each cheek to get a nice flush of color..

IMG_5038 copy

IMG_5042 copy

IMG_5040 copy

Top is single swatch of the blush and bottom is the blush blended out..

  • Here are swatches of the gel eyeliners..

IMG_5048 copy     IMG_5049 copy

L to R : # 87, 79, 86 and 77. All are matte in finish and last all day on the eye.

  • Swatches of the Inglot creamy concealer in # 70.

IMG_5052 copy

IMG_5051 copy

Top: Single swatch; Bottom: Blended out

IMG_5050 copy

  • Swatches of Inglot face and body illuminator # 65:

IMG_5057 copy

In yellow light.. top swatch and bottom – blended out..

IMG_5056 copy

In day light..

I hope you all are having a wonderful week.. I am looking forward to the weekend to get some much needed rest..