MUFE Face & Body foundation

IMG_5350 copy

MUFE Face & body in honey beige # 34 (for medium skin with beige undertones)

After reading rave reviews about this foundation and watching YouTuber Himani on ‘indianglamprincess’ ( use it for her wedding, I had to get it! I have skin tone similar to Himani and hence ordered the same shade as hers #34 online at Sephora (retails for $39).. The foundation looked quite dark in the bottle compared to my skin tone especially for now as I am still to get some sun/tan.. But, being a light weight foundation, it blends in quite easily into my skin and doesn’t look orange/brown on my face.. just tans it a bit..

IMG_5351 copy

The foundation is water based but is waterproof! Brilliant! It gives a natural, dewy finish without an oily appearance.. It does have fragrance to it – almost a rose water scent.. nothing unpleasant.. But people with sensitive skin or those with issues with fragrance might not find this to be their best bet.. I have no issues with this scent.. my skin doesn’t smell particularly rosy after using this.. 🙂

This foundation is great for wedding because it doesn’t flash back and can also be used on exposed parts of your body.. If used correctly, it will not come off on your clothes.. The MUA at MUFE recommends “Apply a fine layer, let dry three minutes, then blot the excess with a tissue before getting dressed.”

The foundation comes packed in a glass bottle – which is not the best when it comes to traveling.. but is great to see how much of it you have left! The bottle comes with a pump which is fantastic to prevent wastage and is more hygienic to use..

IMG_5352 copy

One pump of the product..

IMG_5353 copy IMG_5354 copy

Product blended out.. You can see that the foundation has evened out my skin without a mask like effect and also covers my veins to some extent..

IMG_5355 copy

Leaves behind a healthy, dewy and natural look to the skin..

Final verdict: Yes, I enjoy this foundation.. and will most likely use it on MY wedding day… 😉

Purple eye makeup..

I figured I haven’t done an eye makeup look in a loooong time! So, here’s a pictorial on creating a purple eye look.. Not the ‘punch in the eye’ kind.. 😉

Purple eye makeup looks especially good on tan to deep skin tones with dark brown/black eyes.. Purple eyeshadow helps bring out the brown in your eyes..

Again, you do not need to use every single product I have used.. I had to use more than one color to build some pigmentation and intensity.. Feel free to swap these with any product you have.. I hope you enjoy..


The steps to achieve this look are listed below:

1. Apply under eye concealer, set it with powder and use an eyeshadow primer over your eyelid.. Details are in the post

2. Apply Maybelline eye studio eyeliner in the color eggplant to the eyelid.. This was too light for me.. so I added step 3..

3. Apply Maybelline color tattoo in ‘painted purple’ to the lid..

4. Apply the shade ‘highness’ from the Sleek Ultra matts V2 palette on top of the eye base used in step 3..

5. Apply Inglot Matte #325 and Pearl #446 to outer corner and into the crease..

6. Apply the shade ‘Sexy’ from the Balm Nude’tude palette to add warmth to the crease.. Add the shade ‘serious’ from the same palette to the outer corner of eye and to add depth to the crease..

7. Add Ben Nye pigment ‘Amethyst’ to the lid..

8. Add MAC eyeshadow in ‘trax’ to tear duct area and inner part of lower lashline.. Add pigment ‘Amethyst’ to lower lashline and meet trax in the middle of the lower eyelid.. You can highlight under your brows with any highlighter of choice.. Sorry but I don’t recall what exact product I used here..

You can stop this look at various stages..

1. With only mascara: Mascara is Loreal Voluminous million lashes

IMG_1376 copy

2. With mascara and eyeliner: Eyeliner is Clinique gel liner in true black

IMG_1378 copy

3. Go all the way with mascara, eyeliner, pencil on waterline and false lashes: Ardell lashes in 109 and UD ‘perversion’ eye pencil on waterline

IMG_1387 copy

More pictures :

IMG_1391 copy

IMG_1398 copy

IMG_1393 copy


Best cotton pads ever!

YES! I have a favorite even in cotton pads! It’s the Shiseido facial cotton pads.. It may seem silly and unimportant but its something I use every single day! You may think whats so special about a cotton pad? They must all feel the same, right? WRONG! This is the softest cotton pad I have ever used… And you have to try it to believe me..

IMG_1446 copy

It’s made of 100% cotton and is lint free! So, no more minute lints stuck onto your face after your cleansing routine.. Another great feature of this product is that it does not soak up your cleanser/toner.. so, in the long run you end up saving on those products as well..

A pack of 165 pads costs $9.5 USD but they are soo worth it.. One pack lasts for months as a time.. I typically need just one cotton pad to cleanse my whole face and to remove my eye makeup.. They are extremely soft on the skin around the eyes as well.. These are square in shape unlike most makeup remover pads which are round.. This lets you get into all the nooks and crannies of your face (around the nose, inside corner of eye, etc)..

IMG_1835 copy IMG_1836 copy

I have been using these for over a year now and will continue to repurchase this for as long as they manufacture it!!

Review of MUFE Star Powder # 922 Copper

For all who know me, I am a great fan of golden eye products, especially if it can multi-task.. One such find was the MUFE star powder in #922 Copper.. It retails for USD $20.00 and contains 0.09 oz.. Its a gorgeous gold-copper shimmer powder that is very finely milled.. It can be used wet or dry and is safe to be used all over the face..

IMG_5324 copy

IMG_5325 copy

Here you can appreciate how finely milled the powder is.. It has a silk-like feel to it.. and is extremely pigmented.. A very small amount goes a looong way!

  • Time for some swatches..

IMG_5326 copy

Heavy swatch on the left and blended out on the right..

IMG_5327 copy

Left half: Lighter swatch

Right half: Heavy swatch

IMG_5328 copy

This looks amazing on the eyelids just by itself or with some light contouring in the crease or on the top of cheekbones to add a luminous glow for evenings out.. Can also be used on the cupid’s bow ever so lightly to make lips look fuller or at the center of your lips over lipstick to make them look voluminous.. Multi-purpose product! Love it!

Favorite lip balm..!!!

I know! You are probably thinking who could have a favorite in lip balms! They’re all the same.. Right? Not quite.. Only a person who has very dry lips can tell the difference..

I have like a zillion lip balms and am constantly trying new ones in the hope that some day I’ll find the perfect one.. one that doesn’t give temporary relief, but actually keeps my lips hydrated for hours.. So, here I was frustrated about my dry lips and I happened to speak to my friend Yani ( and she persuaded me to try the Jack Black lip balm.. I had never even heard of that brand, let alone try their product.. especially considering its a men’s brand predominantly..

IMG_1458 copy IMG_1459 copy IMG_1457 copy IMG_2063 copy

So, off I went to Sephora to get some lipbalm.. I purchased the limited edition 4 flavor lip balm pack since I didn’t know what I would end up liking and it seemed to be a good deal – $25.00 USD for four lip balms.. The flavors were ‘Natural mint & Shea butter’, ‘Lemon & Chamomile’, ‘Black tea & Blackberry’ and ‘Grapefruit & ginger’.. Sephora sells these 4 and another flavor ‘Vanilla & lavender’ individually on their website.. I believe these are also sold at Ulta – has 4 flavors including a ‘shea butter and Vitamin E’ one..

The packaging of the lip balm is a simple blue squeeze tube that ends in a slanted top with a small opening and a black cap.. The tiny opening is perfect to have control on how much product comes out..

IMG_2064 copy IMG_2065 copy

I tried the first one – natural mint & shea butter and boy, was Yani right about these!! I instantly fell in love with them.. I have been using the lemon and the mint flavors.. and my absolute favorite has to the mint & shea butter one.. I just love the cool feeling I get once its on the lips… its very refreshing and feels great!

Ever since I have been using them, I genuinely feel that my lips are in much better condition and feel really soft and moisturized.. These work great under lip stains and lipsticks as well!! Although the pack contains 3 other flavors, my personal favorite is the ‘natural mint & shea butter’.. I absolutely adore it..

The balms in general are colorless and are not sticky.. They do not leave behind a glossy finish..

IMG_2066 copy IMG_2069 copy

Swatches in indoor lighting : L – Unblended and R – blended

IMG_2067 copy IMG_2068 copy

Swatches in natural day light: L – Unblended and R – blended

Since then, I have gone back and bought two more of these.. 😉 I have tried using them under and over lip products.. works great every time.. I would highly recommend this product! You won’t be disappointed.. For those who don’t like mint flavor, I am sure you’ll find one that you enjoy.. I wish they also came without any flavor for those who hate scents of any kind..

I will be repurchasing this product for as long as they make it!! 🙂

Guess whom I met last Friday!! The PIXIWOO SISTERS!!!

IMG_2318 copy

Wow.. where should I begin? Well.. for those who don’t know me personally, I am a huge fan of Pixiwoo.. have been watching their videos for years and have learnt immensely..

So, I was casually surfing through my FB on Monday and came across an update from Real Techniques page about Samantha Chapman visiting ULTA in the neighboring state IL 3 days later!!… State of panic gets into me.. to go or not to go… I really want to go but…  Its a working day and its at least a 3.5 hours drive one way.. I will probably never have this opportunity again.. sigh..

That’s when having a wonderfully supportive partner comes in.. He knows how much I watch them and how highly I speak of them.. So, he is all set to take half of Friday off and drive me there!! Sweet!

We started off late.. So, decided to skip lunch to make sure we reach before the event started – the event was between 5-7pm! At that point, what we did not realize was that we were to go through Chicago city… We got stuck in Chicago traffic for over an hour!! So, we are running late, with no food and have no idea if we’ll make it.. I was sooo mad at everything.. I almost felt like I was going to miss the event, after all that travelling..

Finally, we reached Ulta at 6pm..  that gave me one hour at the event.. I see a sign outside Ulta with a Real Techniques logo and Samantha Chapman on the poster.. I walk in to see not just Sam but also NIC from PIXIWOO!!! All the hunger, exhaustion left me right then and all I could do was stare at them in awe – dumbstruck! They looked soooo gorgeous and were doing a demonstration on one of the audience members as I walked in.. Immediately following that, we were each handed a picture of Sam for autographs from the Pixiwoo sisters! It was so exciting.. watching the line shrink.. getting closer to them.. random thoughts in my head.. What should I ask them? What if I look/sound dumb? They look gorgeous.. Lol.. basically, I was a mess.. and soon it was my turn!

They were extremely sweet and sooo humble.. I really admired that about them throughout.. They were genuinely happy and proud of their work and wanted to share it with us.. I asked them some questions regarding my wedding makeup (Yes! I am getting married in Dec this year) and what facial feature I should focus on.. They were kind and gave me wonderful tips.. and then we took pictures!! It felt soo surreal.. Never in my wildest of dreams would I have thought of getting the opportunity to meet these gorgeous ladies and interact with them.. I just wish I was there longer..

Also, each of us got a free Real Techniques buffing brush with any purchase! That was super exciting because one typically needs to buy the whole Core collection set to get the buffing brush.. and it is one of my favorite brushes to buff in foundation on the skin.. I was really happy to get a free one.. YAY!

Some pictures from the event: 

IMG_2342 copy1

Me with the gorgeous pixiwoo sisters.. 🙂

IMG_2346 copy

IMG_2335 copy

In the end, I was so content and felt the drive was sooo worth it.. After the event, next thing on my mind – FOOD!!

P.S. Anybody else thinking about how gorgeous Nic’s eye makeup is! and how cute and beautiful Sam is? My Fiance couldn’t take his eyes off of her.. Lol.. I don’t blame him..

Do let me know if you would like to see more pictures from the event.. I’ll have a separate post with those..

Battle of the black gel eyeliners..

Gel liners are my favorite form of eye liner.. Here are the four gel liners I have in black.. thought of testing them out for their intensity and length of wear.. They range from mid to high end gel liners – I do have a drugstore gel liner but its not in black (hence not included)..

IMG_1837 copy

L to R : Illamasqua precision gel liner, Clinique brush on cream liner in true black, MAC fluidline in Blacktrack and Inglot Matte gel eyeliner in #77…


IMG_1838 copy

L to R: Illamasqua precision gel liner, Clinique brush on cream liner in true black, MAC fluidline in Blacktrack and Inglot Matte gel eyeliner in #77 (Indoor lighting)…

IMG_1848 copy IMG_1845 copy

L to R: Illamasqua precision gel liner, Clinique brush on cream liner in true black, MAC fluidline in Blacktrack and Inglot Matte gel eyeliner in #77 (Natural day light)…

As seen in the swatches above, as far as intensity is concerned, the most intense black gel eyeliner is the one by Inglot followed by the one by Illamasqua.. The ones by Clinique and especially MAC almost look grey in the swatches..

However, for lasting power, the best was Illamasqua followed by MAC and then Clinique.. Inglot gel liner also lasted throughout the day but would smudge badly if I accidentally rubbed my eyes..

So, overall, my favorite for intensity of black and lasting power is Illamasqua precision gel liner.. Black is the only shade they make it in as of date.. However, it is quite pricey – costing £18.00 or $28.00 USD for 5g of product.. So I save this for special occasions..

MAC Blacktrack costs $16.00 USD for 3g of product..

Clinique brush on cream liner cost $16.00 USD for 5g of product..

Inglot Matte gel eyeliner cost $12.00 USD for 5.5g of product..

Considering cost, the best eyeliner amongst these four worth its buck is the Clinique brush on cream liner.. If you can keep your hands without scratching your eyes, the Inglot Matte gel eyeliner makes the best bet..

Covergirl Lashblastvolume waterproof mascara..


Today I am reviewing the Covergirl Lashblastvolume waterproof mascara in ‘Very black’.. I naturally have quite long and curly lashes – thanks to my mom’s genes.. So, what I look for in a mascara may be different from most people.. I look for a mascara that gives me volume without clumping up my lashes.. I usually never use beyond one coat since I like my lashes to look fairly natural.. Having said that, lets start with the review..

Embryolisse Skincare Haul!!

Hey! I have been dying to show you my haul from Embryolisse! I bought these off of Hautelook when they had a sale.. I first bought some back-ups of the Lait Creme concentrate moisturizer (one for me, one for sis, one for mom).. I also bought 3 new skin care products to try out.. First is the Emulsion Hydra-Mat.. this product is intended for use by oily/combination skin types.. and although I’ll do a detailed review on a later date, I have to tell you that this is heaven sent for oily skin gals!!! It is almost water like, in the sense that you wont feel any product on your skin (in a nasty, sticky way).. I regret buying just one.. 🙁

IMG_1785 copy IMG_1788 copy

The other two products I bought are the Eau de Beaute Rosamelis and the Anti dark spot lightening serum..  Eau de Beaute Rosamelis is basically a multi-flower extract toner.. Beautiful product.. smells wonderful..

My favorite of them all is the Anti dark spot lightening serum!! I have tried soo many dark spot lightening/correcting serums in the past few years but nothing comes close to this.. If you are struggling with acne scars, I would highly recommend this product.. I regret buying just one..

So, that’s basically it for my skin care haul.. 🙂