Cosmetics Company Outlet haul!

IMG_7189 copy

Hey guys, I went out shopping with my  hubby and friends to the nearest outlet mall on Sunday.. and if you know me, I HAD to make a stop at the Cosmetics Company Outlet (CCO).. 😉

If you are not familiar with CCOs, these are outlet stores for brands owned by Estee Lauder.. The CCO close to my place has makeup products and scents from various brands such as DKNY, Tom Ford, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Origins, Estee Lauder, Smashbox, Clinique, etc.. They also sell men’s skincare products..

I managed to pick up the following goodies.. 🙂

1. Origins Plantscription anti-aging eye cream for $35 (originally $43.50)

2. MAC Extra dimension blush in ‘Fiery Impact’ for $17.50 (originally $25)

3. Estee Lauder double wear foundation in 4C1 Suede for $26 (originally $36)

4. MAC lipstick in ‘Spice is nice’ for $10.50 (originally $16)

5. Bumble n bumble let it shine conditioner for $18.50 (originally $26)

6. Bumble n bumble texture (un)dressing creme for $9.75 (originally $14)

7. Bobbi Brown Kohl cake liner for $15.50 (originally $22)

8. DKNY Be Delicious perfume for $9.75 (originally $20-$25)

Individual reviews will follow at a later date..

Armour lip gloss in ‘Diana’..

After a couple of weeks of reviews on only MAC products, here’s my review on a Lip gloss by Armour.. I purchased this off of beautylish website to try.. Beautylish really has great customer service and they always have cute handwritten thank you notes with the package.. I really adore that.. I do not own anything from Armour brand and hence was skeptical before purchasing.. I have the shade #14 called ‘Diana’ ($21.00 USD)..

Description (Beautylish website) – “DIANA: Dusty rose opaque.. Sheer, nude and natural looking gloss.. An ode to Princess Diana and powerhouse singer Diana Ross..”

This lipgloss is quite opaque, creamy, non-sticky and goes on smoothly.. It is non-drying on the lips and keeps them hydrated for a few hours.. It reminds me of the glamour gloss lip glosses by Too faced ($17).. The color is a beautiful neutral pinky nude and I often pair it with peachy lipsticks.. I also use this gloss to tone down certain bright lipsticks.. I do not wear this gloss on its own since I have quite dark & pigmented lips and this gloss doesn’t cover my pigmentation..

IMG_5337 copy

IMG_5339 copy

Overall, I enjoy this lip gloss but I do not think its worth $21..

MAC PRO palette and inserts..

Today, I am reviewing the new MAC Pro palette/Single with the clear top.. It costs $8.00 USD and you can purchase a specific insert depending on your needs.. The inserts cost $2.00 USD.. So, for $10, you get an empty 15-eyeshadow palette or an empty 6-blush palette.. The clear top makes it great to see the colors..

MAC also sells palettes with two sides, called DUO and can be used to either house 30 eyeshadows or 15 eyeshadows and 6 blushes/contour pans for only $12!!.. They also offer inserts for pro-longwear eyeshadows and customizable inserts with 12/24 wells.. I feel these are great value for money for $2 each.. I plan to get more of these and depot my existing collection.. I haven’t traveled yet with these palettes, so I can’t speak for their sturdiness during travel..

IMG_6794 copy

IMG_6797 copy

IMG_6798 copy

MAC PRO palette with the 15 eyeshadow insert

IMG_6799 copy

IMG_6800 copy

IMG_6803 copy

MAC PRO palette with the 6-Blush/contour insert

MAC #217 blending brush..

Today I am reviewing the very well known MAC 217 blending brush.. It is quite pricey at $24.00 USD but I finally gave in and purchased it.. I have wanted it forever (well, atleast for 4-5 years now)!

Here’s what MAC website has to say about this brush.. “For shading or blending of colour or creamy products. This brush has fine, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape. M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.”

IMG_6809 copy

IMG_6810 copy

IMG_6811 copy

The brush is as described.. It is oval in shape and is quite dense despite being made up of very fine hairs.. This makes it great for blending both concealer and eyeshadows alike.. The shape of the brush makes it great for depositing color into the crease of the eye or for applying concealer under the eye.. If the brush is turned onto its side, it makes for great blending.. Overall, I feel this brush is very versatile and can be used for various purposes.. Will I pay another $24 for this brush? hmmm… Maybe not.. but its a good addition to my existing brush collection.. I feel it can be replaced by the Real Techniques base shadow brush or the Sigma E25 brush (although this one has more splayed/spread out brush fibres)..

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter..

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines day and a relaxing weekend.. Today I am reviewing the MAC Prep + Prime highlighter in ‘bright forecast’.. It is a relatively new product by MAC.. I use it for highlighting areas of my face as well as under my eyes as a concealer.. It reminds me a lot of the YSL Touche Eclat in terms of texture and highlighting properties.. It costs $25.oo USD for 3.6ml or 0.12 fl oz of product compared to $40.oo USD for the YSL Touche Eclat..

“A pen-style highlighter that efficiently brings a soft sheer wash of colour to the skin. With its precision application, adds radiance just where you want it. Goes on smoothly for cushion-soft wear. Use over makeup for highlights, touch-ups or under makeup to brighten and prime.” – from MAC cosmetics website..

IMG_6812 copy

IMG_6813 copy

IMG_6814 copy

I am an NC40 and purchased the highlighter in the shade ‘Bright forecast’.. My friend who is an NC44-NC48 was matched to the shade ‘Peach Lustre’.. The packaging on these ‘pens’ is very convenient with a brush-like applicator on one end.. You twist the bottom and get product out of the brush on the other end.. The product can be applied directly from the brush and patted on with fingers or you could use another brush to apply and blend this product..

IMG_6815 copy

IMG_6816 copy

Swatch: MAC PREP + PRIME highlighter in ‘Bright Forecast’…

IMG_6824 copy IMG_6826 copy IMG_6827 copy

You can see that a little bit of this highlighter can really brighten up the skin.. I apply it on top of my eyebrows, eyebrow arch, center of forehead, down the bridge of my nose, cupid’s bow, chin, under my eyes and high points of my cheekbone.. I use the applicator to apply the product and then blend it in with my fingers/MAC#217/a synthetic brush..

MAC eyeshadows Typographic & Handwritten..

Happy Valentines Day Folks.. This is my first valentines after my wedding and its exciting.. 🙂

If you’ve seen my recent MAC haul, you would recognize these eyeshadows – Typographic and Handwritten.. I had heard great reviews about these eyeshadows especially for my skintone and hence wanted to try them for quite some time.. So, off I went to the only MAC stand-alone store in Indiana.. I swatched them and was deciding between the two shades when Maddy, a very sweet, bright MAC MUA suggested that the two eyeshadows actually pair really well with each other.. She asked me if I wanted to try them on and ofcourse I wanted to see the eyeshadows in action..


IMG_6820 copy IMG_6823 copy

L to R: Handwritten, Typographic

This is the look Maddy did on my eyes.. She applied Handwritten all over my eyes especially in the crease as a blending color.. She next applied Typographic in the outer corner and into the crease to add depth.. I usually don’t opt for such deep colors but I absolutely loved the look Maddy had created.. It was great! Ofcourse I had to buy both.. 😉

Also what I loved about Maddy was that she wasn’t pushy about making me buy any of the products! It was so refreshing..

IMG_6784 copy IMG_6788 copyIMG_6785 copy

I got the refill pans for $10.00 USD each and they contain 1.5g of eyeshadow.. The texture on both of these is Matte2, which is much smoother and pigmented than Matte formula.. This makes them great for blending as well! I love these two eyeshadows – individually and together..

IMG_6805 copy

IMG_6806 copy

IMG_6807 copy

L to R: Typographic, Handwritten

MAC Haul.. :-)

IMG_6793 copy

I made a trip last week to the MAC store and ended up purchasing these goodies.. Maddy was the MUA who helped me & my friend with our purchases… Maddy was extremely sweet and helped us find the right products for our need.. I had gone in to check out two eyeshadows that I had wanted for quite some time now – Typographic & Handwritten and ended up buying the MAC Pro Large palette + insert eyeshadow X15,  MAC Pro Large palette + insert blush X6, Eyeshadow refill pans Typographic & Handwritten, MAC 217 eyeshadow brush and MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in ‘Bright Forecast’..

I shall have separate posts this week & next week featuring each of these products.. Can’t wait to share my thoughts on these…  🙂  I hope you enjoy the rest of the week..

Urban Decay Naked-3 palette..

Today I am reviewing the much awaited/anticipated Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.. First off, I wasn’t planning on getting it since the palette was meant to feature pink-y or rose-y shades.. It was off my mind and then my darling hubby gifted it to me when I landed back in the States.. So, for sentimental reasons this palette will hang around in my makeup collection..

It came in this gorgeous Sephora gift box.. love the packaging!

IMG_5684 copyIMG_5686 copy

The Naked 3 palette costs $52.00 USD and features 12 rose-hued neutrals with a dual ended brush and four Eyeshadow Primer Potion sample packettes ( Original, Sin, Eden and anti-aging)..

IMG_5687 copyIMG_5688 copyIMG_5689 copyIMG_5691 copy

Here’s what the palette looks like.. Packaging is very similar to the Naked2 palette – metallic tin but this time with some kind of scrunched pattern.. Tin metal casing is something I personally do not like.. It is of rose gold color highlighting the color theme of this palette..

IMG_5694 copyIMG_5695 copyIMG_5698 copy

IMG_5701 copy

IMG_5705 copy

The first 6 shades – Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz and Trick…

IMG_5707 copy

Strange is described as a pale neutral pink matte-satin.. On my skin tone, its almost a stark white… It makes for a decent matte highlight..

Dust is described as a pale metallic pink shimmer w/iridescent micro-glitter.. This eyeshadow is true to its description.. Swatches poorly.. Will need to be used with an eyeshadow transformer to get better intensity..

Burnout is described as a light pinky-peach satin.. Its more a pale pink satin on me.. I don’t see any peach tones to it..

Limit is described as a light dusty rose matte.. This eyeshadow is true to its description.. Makes for a good blending shade on my skin tone..

Buzz is described as a metallic rose shimmer w/silver micro-glitter.. true to its description..

Trick is described as a light metallic pinky-copper shimmer w/tonal micro-sparkle.. true to its description.. This is a tricky shadow to swatch.. However, it layers up well on the eyes..

The next 6 shades – Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart.. 

IMG_5708 copy

Nooner is described as a medium pinky-brown matte.. Comes out more purple-gray on me… Works as a crease color for my skin tone..

Liar is described as a medium metallic mauve shimmer.. true to its description..

Factory is described as a pinky-brown satin.. true to its description..

Mugshot is described as a metallic taupe shimmer w/slight pink shift.. true to its description..

Darkside is described as a deep taupe-mauve satin.. Looks more Taupe-gray on my skin..

Blackheart is described as a smoky black matte w/rosy red micro-sparkle.. true to its description..


IMG_5711 copy

IMG_5718 copy

Overall, it’s an OK palette filled with eyeshadows that are highly pigmented for the most part (except for Dust and Trick), blendable and soft… On my warm skintone, these shades kind of clash and even though they look different in the pan, when I blend them out, they kind of lose their individuality and blend together to create a pink-y look – which I quite dislike.. Maybe I just need to play around more with this palette.. For me personally, I need shades from other palettes to kind of ground these rose gold shades.. If you have a cool undertone in your skin, this palette may be worth trying..

Also, for travel, I cannot think of just taking this palette with me.. I would only get looks that are quite similar to each other (on my skin tone anyway).. Let’s see whats next in store for the Urban Decay Naked series..

Lorac Pro palette..

It’s Friday! YAY… I hope you all had a good week.. Here’s, my review on the LORAC PRO palette..

I did’t own any product from LORAC and hence was skeptical about getting this palette as first.. and now, having tried it – I am soo glad I got it..

I had purchased the LORAC Rockin’ Red Hot PRO Set from Ulta in November 2013 and have loved it so far.. I purchased this set for $39.00, which is a great value for money considering you get the LORAC PRO eyeshadow palette, LORAC Front of the line PRO and LORAC behind the scenes eyeshadow primer..

IMG_5753 copy

IMG_5755 copy

I didn’t care much for the eyeshadow primer since it creased on my eyelids.. I much prefer my beloved NARS eyeshadow primer.. The eyeliner however, is a nice felt-tip liner.. It stayed put all day on my oily eyelids.. Thumbs up for that..

Let’s get to the eyeshadow palette now..

IMG_5722 copy IMG_5723 copy

This palette features eight matte and eight satin/shimmery shades.. The texture of the eyeshadows is great! especially the satin/shimmery shades at the bottom.. they almost feel velvet-ey.. Even the matte shadows go on smooth without much fallout.. I really enjoy the 50-50 balance of the mattes with the shimmery shades.. I also love the color range in this palette.. It features nice, light, highlight-ey shades, great mid-tones, deep browns and a matte black.. Also, there are a few colors that stand out like ‘Gold’ which is a gorgeous gold color, ‘Garnet’ which is red bronze color, ‘Slate’ which is a gray color and ‘Deep Purple’ which as the name suggests is a dark purple shade.. Overall, this palette provides options for color as well as for a neutral look…

IMG_5726 copy  IMG_5729 copy

I have used this palette quite a bit during my trip in India.. Especially during my sister’s wedding, her reception and  my wedding & reception.. For the wedding season in India, I feel the shade ‘Gold’ is the perfect shade to go with traditional Indian clothing.. It is not too light, not too deep, just the right tone for NC40-42.. It is by far my favorite shade in this palette.. Closely following as favorites are Taupe, Sable, Expresso, Lt. Bronze and Pewter..


IMG_5732 copy 

IMG_5737 copy IMG_5740 copy IMG_5735 copy

IMG_5744 copy  IMG_5750 copy  

The only con I see with this palette is that two shades – Nude & Champagne are pretty much the same… I don’t see much difference between them.. this could have been replaced with another highlighter with a different tone or a different shade altogether..

Nevertheless, this is my most used & most loved palette so far.. Never have I used a single palette so often.. I prefer this to all my Urban Decay ‘Naked’ palettes.. I am finally getting my hands on the NARS Narsissist palette today! Can’t wait to compare NARS eyeshadows to these.. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend..

Urban Decay 24×7 glide-on eye pencils..

I was cleaning up my stash this past weekend when I realized that I haven’t ever reviewed any of my eye pencils! and trust me, I have quite a few.. 😉

So, I decided to start the week off by reviewing the Urban Decay 24×7 glide-on eye pencils.. These come in single or double ended forms.. The single eye pencil retails for $19.00 USD each while the double ended pencil costs $16.00 USD each..

IMG_6780 copy

The color range (over 40 shades!) & pigmentation on these is great.. You can see the colors I have in the swatches below.. These pencils go on smooth & are meant to be waterproof with long-lasting power.. I have tried using them as an eye liner (against my top lashline) and also on my waterline.. Although they last all day on my lashline, these do not stay put on my waterline.. Towards noon or evening, I see the pencil running onto my lower lashline and fading away from the waterline, which is not a look I am going for.. So, I predominantly use these only on my lashline.. One quality that’s good about these pencils is that upon application, these pencils give you a window of about 20-30 seconds to smudge/blend the liner before it sets to a long lasting finish.. This is great for creating a smokey eye or a soft liner effect..

IMG_3159 copy

IMG_3162 copy

L to R: Whiskey, Corrupt, Zero, Perversion, Uzi, Empire, Stash & Covet

My personal favorites are Perversion, Whiskey, Uzi & Covet.. 🙂

Which one is your favorite?