Makeup DOs and DONTs… ;-)

Today’s video is about the common makeup mistakes I see being made, especially by women of color.. This was such a fun video to make.. Although I haven’t covered every single DONT, I have tried to incorporate the more common ones, geared towards women of color.. I hope you enjoy watching it..

Do let me know your feedback and write below what looks you want to see next.. Thank you.. 🙂

Everyday makeup for work or college / ‘No-makeup’ makeup look..

Hey guys,

Today I have one of my everyday makeup looks for you.. I hope you enjoy watching it.. Thanks!

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How to fill in your eyebrows for a natural look (using brow powder)..

Hey everyone, today’s video is all about creating fuller, natural looking eyebrows. I have used brow powder for this look but you can also substitute it with any similar shade of eyeshadow you may have. I hope this is helpful.

The products mentioned in this video are:
1. Anastasia highlighting brow kit
2. MAC 263 brush
3. Anastasia brow biz (Spoolie end)
4. Great Lash clear mascara by Maybelline

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Thank you so much for watching.. 🙂

Updated MAC lipstick collection with lip swatches..

Hey everyone, I finally have made time for updating my MAC lipstick collection.. This time around, I am adding lip swatches for each.. I hope this helps some of you planning to purchase a new MAC lipstick.. For reference, I am an NC40 in MAC foundation and in between Barcelona and Syracuse (depending on season) in NARS sheer glow foundation..

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide5 Slide6 Slide7 Slide8 candy apple Slide9 Slide11 Slide12 Slide13 Slide14 Slide15

If you would like to see these lipsticks in action, you can watch my youtube video here..

Of these lipsticks, Lovin’ it, Spice is nice, Look at her!, So very good, Splurge, Candy Apple and Riri woo are limited edition.. All other lipsticks are from MAC’s permanent line..

For more details on MAC lipstick finishes and seeing swatches on hand, you can read my older posts:

Swatch series – 3

Today’s swatch series is on gel eyeliners.. I am a big fan of gel eyeliners and I much prefer these to liquid eyeliners due to the precise application one can achieve with it.. I am also no so much into the shine liquid liners leave behind.. I enjoy the matte finish of gel liners.. Also, the color options with gel liners is way more than liquid liners.. and I love my colors! 😉

Here are the swatches of the gel liners I own..

IMG_0564 copy

I hope this was helpful to some of you.. 🙂

My favorite eyeshadow of the moment..

IMG_0322 copy

IMG_0324 copy    IMG_0325 copy

It’s not very common when I fall in love with a single eyeshadow.. Yet, it has happened.. I have been loving MAC’s Texture eyeshadow ever since I purchased it last month.. It’s a gorgeous soft warm orange eyeshadow with a lot of beige in it.. It’s a velvet finish eyeshadow which means that it is extremely smooth and almost creamy to apply.. It blends exceptionally well..  On my skin, it comes across as a subtle orange.. I’ve been using it on its own all over the eyelids blended into the crease for an easy one eyeshadow look.. This can be paired with a brown or black eyeliner for an every day look..

IMG_0327 copy IMG_0328 copy

I’ve also been using Texture for blending out my crease color.. It warms up any look beautifully.. I have a new video on YouTube using this shadow.. I have linked it below..

What are your thoughts? Have you tried MAC’s Texture? What’s been your favorite eyeshadow recently?


Hey everyone,

I am so excited to finally announce my arrival on the YouTube beauty community.. I have been watching YouTube videos since 2008 and it has always dawned upon me the sheer lack of beauty related knowledge for women of color, especially for Indian skin tones.. Colors and makeup in general looks so different on our skin coloring.. This was exactly why I had started my blog.. However, after 1.5 years of blogging I have realized that certain things are conveyed better through videos/tutorials.. Hence, the addition of this channel.. Don’t worry.. I will be continuing blogging too! I hope you will support me in this new journey on YouTube..

Here’s the link to my first YT video.. Any feedback is welcome.. I am shy as a person and therefore the first video does not have me speaking through the various steps..

My second video is geared towards covering dark under eye circles.. I hope you like it..

Thank you!
– Sneha

Swatch series-2

Hey guys, 

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend.. I sure did! Today, I am doing my second post in the swatch series with cream blushes.. Most of these shades work well with my skin tone (MAC NC40-42 for reference)..

IMG_0557 copy

I have four MAC cream blushes – Pleasureful, Posey, Optimistic Orange and Cherry.. Of these, my favorite is Posey.. It’s a beautiful pinky-mauve shade that looks very natural on my skin.. These blushes are quite thick and creamy in texture compared to other brands.. Hence, I do not use them in summer.. They work well in winter on my oily-combination skin.. 

My favorite cream blushes of all-time have to be the MakeUpForEver HD blushes.. I have them in #410 and #510.. They almost have a mousse-y texture.. These are my favorite blushes simply because of how light they feel on the skin and the way they really blend onto the skin.. These are the only cream blushes I can wear in summer considering I have oily-combination skin..I adore #510!

I also have the NARS matte multiple in Siam and NARS cream blush in Lokoum.. These blushes tend to be more on the drier side.. They are not as creamy as the ones my MAC and MUFE.. I use Siam for a monotone look by using it on my cheeks and lips.. 

I also enjoy the Bobbi brown pot rouge in ‘#10 Rose’.. It is a gorgeous shade and I get quite a lot of use from it.. It’s the perfect in between shade of MAC Posey and MUFE #510.. I love this shade! Again, I use this for a monotone look by using it on my cheeks and lips.. 

Finally, I have two drugstore cream blushes, both by Maybelline.. One is the dream mousse blush #25 Rose petal and the other is the dream bouncy blush #50 plum wine.. These do not last on their own on my oily skin and I have to set these with a powder blush on top.. 

That’s it guys.. I hope this is helpful.. 🙂