Cleaning beauty blender / makeup sponges!

I should start off by apologizing that I haven’t posted anything in over a week. I am so sorry. I am in the process of switching from Windows to Mac. Hence, the lag. Anyway, on to today’s topic!

Cleaning makeup tools is a really important step and often neglected, resulting in skin problems. Today I am sharing my video on cleaning makeup sponges / beautyblender. I am demonstrating how I clean my beautyblender and my Real techniques miracle complexion sponge using the liquid and solid cleansers by beautyblender. I hope you find it helpful.

Gold-brown eye makeup for Diwali / Wedding Ft. Lorac Pro palette..

Happy Monday! Today I thought of sharing my go-to look for any Indian festival or wedding.. Since this is the season of major festivals and a lot of weddings, I though I would share this with you all.. I’ll be using the Lorac Pro palette for the eyes.. I hope you like it..

Bollywood celebrity Deepika Padukone inspired makeup / Diwali silver eye makeup / Wedding guest makeup…

Hey guys,

Today’s tutorial is on the makeup Indian Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone wore for the 4th BIG Star entertainment awards in 2013. She had a classic winged liner paired with silver eyeshadow and a striking, bold Orange lipstick.. You can wear this look to any festival or as a wedding guest.. I’ve recreated the look on my lovely friend, Ruchi.. I hope you like it..

Dupe Alert – MAC Trax eyeshadow

Happy Sunday Folks.. Today, I have a quick post for you all.. I was browsing through my eyeshadow collection and found a good dupe for MAC’s eyeshadow in ‘Trax’, which retails for $10-$16 depending on whether you get a refill pan or an individual eyeshadow… It’s a velvet texture and MAC describes this shade as a burgundy-plum with shimmer.. A great dupe for this is one of the shades from the Wet n Wild ‘Petal Pusher’ palette which retails for only $4.99 for the whole palette (It’s a bit cheaper when on sale)..  Check out the swatches below..

IMG_2098 copy

Image: Without Flash  (L to R: MAC ‘Trax’ eyeshadow, W n W Petal Pusher palette eyelid shade)

IMG_2102 copy

Image: With Flash (L to R: MAC ‘Trax’ eyeshadow, W n W Petal Pusher palette eyelid shade)

IMG_2110 copy IMG_2115 copy

L to R: MAC ‘Trax’ eyeshadow, W n W Petal Pusher palette eyelid shade

IMG_2113 copy IMG_2114 copy

L to R: MAC ‘Trax’ eyeshadow, W n W Petal Pusher palette eyelid shade

The two shades are extremely close in shade and finish.. If I really have to pick the difference, I would say that the W n W shade is a bit less pigmented (in terms of the purple color) and has more shimmery particles in it.. However, with an eye primer, the two shades look pretty much the same..

Here’s to great eyebrows!

Hey there,

Eyes are an important facial feature, especially in India.. Most of our makeup revolves around our eyes.. As an Indian, I am frequently complimented on my eyebrows.. Eyebrows frame our eyes and face and therefore are equally important.. So, I thought I’ll make a video on how I maintain them on my own in the USA.. I hope you find this useful.. Enjoy.. 🙂