Inglot Haul part 1


I recently made some purchases at the Inglot counter in Macy’s water tower, Chicago. I was helped by Rosha who assisted me in choosing my colors. I purchased 4 matte gel eyeliners, 21 eyeshadows, two 10-square eyeshadow palettes, 7 round lipstick pans, a blush, face and body Illuminator and 2 nail enamels..

The lipstick and eyeshadows are from the Inglot freedom system. I wanted a few more shades but they were sold out – have ordered them online though. One would think I bought enough but apparently not.. 😉

Here are some pictures of the eyeliners, blush, face and body Illuminator and nail enamels..

IMG_4993 copy

Matte Gel Eyeliners (L to R) : #87, #77, #86 and #79

IMG_4995 copy

IMG_4996 copy

IMG_5000 copy

AMC Blush # 63

IMG_4999 copy

Face and body Illuminator in # 65

IMG_5059 copy

IMG_4992 copy

Nail Enamels (L to R) : Nail enamel in # 57 and O2M breathable nail enamel in # 668

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