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Best yellow setting powder for women of color

Best yellow setting powder for women of color

Hey guys,

Today, I am testing out probably the top 2 yellow toned setting powders for women of color – Ben Nye Banana luxury powder and Sasha buttercup setting powder. Both are finely milled powders and work well for setting all over the face or just the under eye area. I hope this video helps in you in picking out the right yellow toned setting powder.


Concealing Acne / breakouts / pimples

Concealing Acne / breakouts / pimples

Here’s my second video in the conceal Acne series. This time, I am focusing on concealing the mini mountains on our skin. Well, at least they feel that way. Every time I get an acne, all I can think of is how people I am interacting with are staring right at it! Of course its not true, but that’s how my brain functions unfortunately. Anyway, onto concealing it.

With all the drying, harsh chemicals we use on acne to speed up the healing (disappearing) time, the skin around the acne gets quite dry and parched. So, the first and most important step (although counter intuitive) is to moisturize! Yes, you heard it right. Go ahead and moisturize your skin. If you skip this step, no amount of concealer is going to hide the acne since the dry flakes will always show through. It’s also a good idea to have some form of sun protection on, either in your moisturizer or on its own.

Once the skin is prep’ed, go ahead and apply a thin layer of foundation. Blend it well into your skin. Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone and apply it to the acne. Finally, set everything in place with some powder. Ta-da… Acne? What? Who? 😉