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MAC eyeshadow collection with swatches – Part 1

It’s been a while since I did a MAC eyeshadow collection. I figured I should do an updated one especially since my collection has grown since my first MAC eyeshadow collection post here. So, I’ll be having two videos in the coming week swatching all of the gorgeous MAC eyeshadows that work beautifully on medium-tan-olive skin tones (MAC NC35, NC40, NC42, NC44 skin tones). Do let me know if you would like to see an eye look with any particular eyeshadow. 🙂

Dupe Alert – MAC Trax eyeshadow

Happy Sunday Folks.. Today, I have a quick post for you all.. I was browsing through my eyeshadow collection and found a good dupe for MAC’s eyeshadow in ‘Trax’, which retails for $10-$16 depending on whether you get a refill pan or an individual eyeshadow… It’s a velvet texture and MAC describes this shade as a burgundy-plum with shimmer.. A great dupe for this is one of the shades from the Wet n Wild ‘Petal Pusher’ palette which retails for only $4.99 for the whole palette (It’s a bit cheaper when on sale)..  Check out the swatches below..

IMG_2098 copy

Image: Without Flash  (L to R: MAC ‘Trax’ eyeshadow, W n W Petal Pusher palette eyelid shade)

IMG_2102 copy

Image: With Flash (L to R: MAC ‘Trax’ eyeshadow, W n W Petal Pusher palette eyelid shade)

IMG_2110 copy IMG_2115 copy

L to R: MAC ‘Trax’ eyeshadow, W n W Petal Pusher palette eyelid shade

IMG_2113 copy IMG_2114 copy

L to R: MAC ‘Trax’ eyeshadow, W n W Petal Pusher palette eyelid shade

The two shades are extremely close in shade and finish.. If I really have to pick the difference, I would say that the W n W shade is a bit less pigmented (in terms of the purple color) and has more shimmery particles in it.. However, with an eye primer, the two shades look pretty much the same..

My favorite eyeshadow of the moment..

IMG_0322 copy

IMG_0324 copy    IMG_0325 copy

It’s not very common when I fall in love with a single eyeshadow.. Yet, it has happened.. I have been loving MAC’s Texture eyeshadow ever since I purchased it last month.. It’s a gorgeous soft warm orange eyeshadow with a lot of beige in it.. It’s a velvet finish eyeshadow which means that it is extremely smooth and almost creamy to apply.. It blends exceptionally well..  On my skin, it comes across as a subtle orange.. I’ve been using it on its own all over the eyelids blended into the crease for an easy one eyeshadow look.. This can be paired with a brown or black eyeliner for an every day look..

IMG_0327 copy IMG_0328 copy

I’ve also been using Texture for blending out my crease color.. It warms up any look beautifully.. I have a new video on YouTube using this shadow.. I have linked it below..

What are your thoughts? Have you tried MAC’s Texture? What’s been your favorite eyeshadow recently?

Makeup Geek Haul..

Hey guys,

I am so excited to let you know that I have graduated! It’s such a relaxing feeling to finally finish one’s PhD.. My parents are here from India for my graduation and its been a very hectic but fantastic week..

However, I can’t wait to get back to regular blogging.. Missed it so much.. 🙂

Today I am bringing you a MakeupGeek (MUG) haul from 2013! Yup, its from 2013.. I always end up buying more things than I can write about! 😉

MUG is a company started by Marlena on YouTube.. You get not only her products on their website but also other brands such as NYX, MAC, etc..

Here’s what I got..

IMG_3618 copy IMG_3619 copy


I ended up getting 14 eyeshadows, 3 lipsticks, 1 Z-palette and 2 pigments.. Posts for individual products will follow soon.. I hope you all are doing great! I’ll have another product post soon! There’s so many new products in my routine that I am loving! Can’t wait to share them with you all.. Take care..