Hey everyone,

I am so excited to finally announce my arrival on the YouTube beauty community.. I have been watching YouTube videos since 2008 and it has always dawned upon me the sheer lack of beauty related knowledge for women of color, especially for Indian skin tones.. Colors and makeup in general looks so different on our skin coloring.. This was exactly why I had started my blog.. However, after 1.5 years of blogging I have realized that certain things are conveyed better through videos/tutorials.. Hence, the addition of this channel.. Don’t worry.. I will be continuing blogging too! I hope you will support me in this new journey on YouTube..

Here’s the link to my first YT video.. Any feedback is welcome.. I am shy as a person and therefore the first video does not have me speaking through the various steps..

My second video is geared towards covering dark under eye circles.. I hope you like it..

Thank you!
– Sneha

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