Dior nail polish in 999 Rouge Altesse Red Royalty…

My weakness for Red continues.. Here’s another red nail polish.. 😉

My fiance brought me this gorgeous true red colored nail polish by Dior.. It is in 999 Rouge Altesse Red Royalty and costs $23!!! – I knooow… I would’ve never bought this on my own..

IMG_1483 copy IMG_1484 copy

The nail polish is packaged in typical Dior packaging.. the silver colored cap looks luxurious.. The formula is very opaque and gives a clean, smooth finish without ridges/lines.. It is a cream finish polish and looks very classy/sophisticated.. I absolutely love the color on my hands.. I feel this is a shade that can flatter many skin tones..

It usually lasts on my hands for a week (with the Seche Vita base and top coat).. with minor or no chipping.. All in all, a thumbs up for the color and the formula.. I absolutely love the color! Thumbs down for the price.. I wish these were cheaper..

Nail polish in action:

IMG_1476 copy IMG_1474 copy

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