Empties – Face and Body products..

Here’s what I have been hoarding up in my Apt!! Had to get these out soon before my hubby goes crazy.. ­čśë

So, here’s presenting my empties for body and face products.. I have used up quite a few products and I am really happy about some of them and not so happy about some.. Let’s see which of these made it to my re-purchasing list.. Shall we?

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L to R: Back row – St Ives Oatmeal and Shea butter body wash, De-luxe Aloe Vera and Glycerin body wash, Avon soft and sensual body lotion, Bliss body butter in lemon and sage, Hand sanitizer & Avon hand cream (Christmas edition from 2012??!)

Of all these body products, I really enjoyed the┬áSt Ives Oatmeal and Shea butter body wash in Fall & winter.. Its quite hydrating for my skin..┬áDe-luxe Aloe Vera and Glycerin body wash was quite refreshing with a minty scent (which I love) but did not fare well in the dry months.. It works fine for summer.. I really enjoyed the┬áAvon soft and sensual body lotion.. it has a great scent and I would always get asked what I had on when I used it.. ­čśë

Of these, I plan to repurchase St Ives Oatmeal and Shea butter body wash and Avon soft and sensual body lotion some time in the future once I run out of all the lotions and body washes I own already!

I redeemed my Sephora points for┬áBliss body butter in lemon and sage.. It was ok and although I liked the fresh lemon-ey scent, I don’t get the big deal about it.. The sanitizer worked fine and the┬áAvon hand cream was a gift from my dear friend.. It worked well on my hands.. ­čÖé

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L to R: Purity by Philosophy, Body shop Tea tree toner, Origins Zero oil toner, Murad Essential C-toner & Murad Clarifying toner..

I have gone through many bottles of┬áPurity by Philosophy and will continue to purchase it.. It’s a staple in my skincare.. The┬áBody shop Tea tree toner & Origins Zero oil toner were ok.. nothing exceptional.. The ‘Zero oil’ toner kinda made certain areas of my face dry.. I will not be repurchasing these..

Murad toners are great! I use the┬áEssential C-toner predominantly in the cooler months.. The mist is sooo refreshing.. The clarifying toner works well in warmer months.. I still have a few bottles of these to go through.. So, I’ll not need to purchase any toner for quite a while now..

IMG_7232 copy

L to R: Shiseido cotton pads (2), Sephora soft touch cotton pads, MAC brush cleanser, Loreal oil free eye makeup remover, Skindinavia No more shine setting spray, Lancome Bi-facil makeup remover, Loreal Skin genesis serum, Tarte┬álip surgence in Envy, Ren revitalizing night cream, Seche Vite dry┬áfast top coat, Bobbi brown ┬áhydrating eye cream, Origins GinZing eye cream & Clinique all about eyes eye cream…

I love my Shiseido and Sephora cotton pads and will continue to repurchase them.. The┬áMAC brush cleanser was ok.. I find other replacements that may be marginally better, especially at taking off cream products from brushes.. ­čśë

The Loreal oil free eye makeup remover is quite gentle on my eyes and takes off most / all makeup off my face.. I used this before I switches to Bioderma! The Skindinavia No more shine setting spray is my favorite setting spray in Summer..┬áIt is a must have for me.. The┬áLancome Bi-facil makeup remover was ok.. I used it on some days when I wore waterproof eye makeup and the┬áLoreal eye makeup remover wouldn’t take it all off..

Loreal Skin genesis serum is something I did not enjoy at all.. It didn’t seem to do anything to my skin.. The┬áTarte┬álip surgence in Envy is my favorite and I will always have back-ups of it..┬áRen revitalizing night cream was ok – I used it up by using it on my neck.. ­čÖé

Seche Vite dry┬áfast top coat just dried up!! I couldn’t get complete use out of it.. I am looking for a replacement for this one.. So, do let me know if you have a recommendation for a good fast drying top coat.. The┬áBobbi brown ┬áhydrating eye cream was quite good.. It worked well at hydrating the under eye area.. but I cannot justify the price.. Hence, I will not be repurchasing it..

Origins GinZing eye cream is fantastic! I love a multi-functional product and this is clearly one.. I love that it hydrates, takes care of dark circles and best of all, eliminates puffiness! It was a hit for me & I will be repurchasing this once I go through the many eye cream/samples I have..

Clinique all about eyes eye cream worked fine for hydrating under eye area but I did not notice any significant change in terms of  dark circles & puffiness.. This product was a miss for me..

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