Esqido cruelty-free false eyelashes & companion lash glue review

Today I’d like to introduce you guys to a lash brand I’ve used for several years for both their false eyelashes and their eyelash glue (Companion lash glue). Esqido lashes have been around for a few years now and they make handcrafted, cruelty-free mink lashes and more recently Unisyn lashes which are premium synthetic false eyelashes that are made with a blend of ultra-fine synthetic fibres for an ultra-natural look. I’ve tried a few of their mink lashes & their lash glue in the past and have been very impressed with their quality. I’ve used the eyelashes more times that I would like to count and they’re still going strong. What I also love about Esqido is that they have an amazing lash guide on their website which basically helps you choose a pair of false eyelashes based on your eye shape, size, style of lashes, event and your level of experience with false lashes! How much more thorough can they get! If you haven’t checked it out yet, I’m going to link it.

Esqido contacted me recently and I was excited to receive two of their false eyelashes including one of their new Unisyn lash style and their lash glue.

The first pair is the Unisyn false lashes in Peaches & Cream and boy, is it stunning! I immediately fell in love just looking at it because it is such an easy pair of lashes to wear (I am generally attracted to natural and wispy style of false lashes). The cotton lash band is handcrafted, thin & flexible and the lashes are a natural style. This pair has a criss-cross pattern of synthetic fibres and looks quite wispy on the eyes. The Peaches & cream style has medium volume with quite a bit of natural density at the lash line/close to the lash band. The length of the lash fibres is 8 – 10 mm.

Unisyn lashes in the style Peaches & cream.
A close up of the Unisyn Peaches & cream lashes.

This style looks beautiful on its own (with no eye makeup) or with a natural eye look. I think this pair is great for date night, weddings, parties, baby showers and basically any event where you want to add volume to your natural eyelashes but don’t want to look too made up. The Peaches & cream style retails for $22 USD and can be used repeatedly if handled with care. As you can see in the pictures below, these lashes do not compete with the eye makeup and can enhance one’s features in a subtle manner. I see myself wearing this pair to almost any event.

With and without the Esqido Unisyn lashes in Peaches & cream.

The second pair of lashes I tried are the mink lashes in the style “Lashlorette“. It’s one of their bestsellers and I can see why! These are again a medium volume lash style but longer in length at 9-12 mm in comparison with the Peaches & cream lash style.

Front Minimal & clean packaging of the Esqido mink lashes in style Lashlorette
Details of the lash style are on the back of the box.

This style of lash has a combination of criss-cross and straight hair strands which gives them quite a wispy yet sexy look. The straight strands are spaced out throughout the lash in little bundles. The eyes definitely take focus with these eyelashes on.

The beautiful lashes inside the box. They also come with a leaflet with instructions on it.
A close up of the mink lashes in the style Lashlorette.











In the pictures below, you can see how impactful these lashes are even with minimal eye makeup. I was honestly skeptical about this pair but ended up loving how they looked on me. This pair retails for $29 USD and can be worn several times. They also have other styles over on their website ranging from natural-density to wawa woom. I personally love the style “Unforgettable” if you are more into natural styles of false lashes.

With and without Esqido mink lashes in Lashlorette.
With and without Esqido mink lashes in Lashlorette.
A close up of my eyes with and without the Esqido mink lashes in Lashlorette.


One of my favourite products from Esqido is their Companion eyelash glue. It’s latex-free and I love that it comes in a sleek packaging with a brush applicator that makes it so easy to apply the glue straight onto the lash band without adding any other tool for application. Again, the packaging is very minimalistic and clean-looking with a clear container and a rose gold wand/applicator. It takes a few secs to get tacky and once the lashes are on the eyes, they don’t budge. I’ve worn the lashes all day with this glue and it’s never come off.

PRO TIP: I do add a bit of extra glue to both ends of my lashes.

Have you tried anything from Esqido yet? If so, do let me know what’s your favourite pair of lashes.

I’m leaving you with a few images of these eyelashes on my eyes.

Esqido Unisyn lashes in Peaches & cream.
Esqido mink lashes in Lashlorette.

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