Estee Lauder Double wear stay in place shadow cremes..

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The next in the creme eye shadow series is the Estee Lauder Double wear stay in place shadow cremes… These have unfortunately been discontinued and used to cost $17.50 USD… You may still be able to find these in ‘the Cosmetic Company’ store near you for a cheaper price..

I own two of these.. A green base and a greyish silver base.. The packaging is quite chic and is a heavy glass jar with a golden colored lid with the Estee Lauder logo embossed on the top.. The product itself is quite soft to touch and is quite smooth in application.. However, it does set in a couple of minutes to a budge proof shadow.. Again on me, these do tend to crease a bit after a few hours thanks to my oily eyelids.. Works well on me with an eye primer though..

IMG_1583 copy

Because of the pigmentation on these, these jars will last forever because of how little one needs to achieve the desired color intensity..


IMG_1556 copy

L to R: 03 Precious Jade and 02 Silver Leaf (Indoor lighting)

IMG_1558 copy

L to R: 03 Precious Jade and 02 Silver Leaf (Natural daylight)

I especially love the gorgeous Jade color.. Reminds me of Sumptuous Olive eyeshadow by MAC.. Makes for a great base when using that shadow.. 🙂

Happy Friday!!

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