Favorite lip balm..!!!

I know! You are probably thinking who could have a favorite in lip balms! They’re all the same.. Right? Not quite.. Only a person who has very dry lips can tell the difference..

I have like a zillion lip balms and am constantly trying new ones in the hope that some day I’ll find the perfect one.. one that doesn’t give temporary relief, but actually keeps my lips hydrated for hours.. So, here I was frustrated about my dry lips and I happened to speak to my friend Yani (http://www.youtube.com/user/yanirocks1) and she persuaded me to try the Jack Black lip balm.. I had never even heard of that brand, let alone try their product.. especially considering its a men’s brand predominantly..

IMG_1458 copy IMG_1459 copy IMG_1457 copy IMG_2063 copy

So, off I went to Sephora to get some lipbalm.. I purchased the limited edition 4 flavor lip balm pack since I didn’t know what I would end up liking and it seemed to be a good deal – $25.00 USD for four lip balms.. The flavors were ‘Natural mint & Shea butter’, ‘Lemon & Chamomile’, ‘Black tea & Blackberry’ and ‘Grapefruit & ginger’.. Sephora sells these 4 and another flavor ‘Vanilla & lavender’ individually on their website.. I believe these are also sold at Ulta – has 4 flavors including a ‘shea butter and Vitamin E’ one..

The packaging of the lip balm is a simple blue squeeze tube that ends in a slanted top with a small opening and a black cap.. The tiny opening is perfect to have control on how much product comes out..

IMG_2064 copy IMG_2065 copy

I tried the first one – natural mint & shea butter and boy, was Yani right about these!! I instantly fell in love with them.. I have been using the lemon and the mint flavors.. and my absolute favorite has to the mint & shea butter one.. I just love the cool feeling I get once its on the lips… its very refreshing and feels great!

Ever since I have been using them, I genuinely feel that my lips are in much better condition and feel really soft and moisturized.. These work great under lip stains and lipsticks as well!! Although the pack contains 3 other flavors, my personal favorite is the ‘natural mint & shea butter’.. I absolutely adore it..

The balms in general are colorless and are not sticky.. They do not leave behind a glossy finish..

IMG_2066 copy IMG_2069 copy

Swatches in indoor lighting : L – Unblended and R – blended

IMG_2067 copy IMG_2068 copy

Swatches in natural day light: L – Unblended and R – blended

Since then, I have gone back and bought two more of these.. 😉 I have tried using them under and over lip products.. works great every time.. I would highly recommend this product! You won’t be disappointed.. For those who don’t like mint flavor, I am sure you’ll find one that you enjoy.. I wish they also came without any flavor for those who hate scents of any kind..

I will be repurchasing this product for as long as they make it!! 🙂

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