How I clean my makeup brushes!


Hey makeup addicts, hope you all are doing well. Today’s topic may not generate as much interest as a new eyeshadow/lipstick/skin care product. However, makeup brushes play a very important role in the application of makeup and cleaning them is an important step! A step nobody should skip. So, here’s a video on how I clean my brushes. I hope this is helpful.

There are a ton of makeup brush cleaners/shampoos. Feel free to use any you own/like. For spot cleaning, I really enjoy using the MUFE instant brush cleanser and I prefer it over the MAC brush cleanser.. I deep clean (Shampoo+water) my frequently used brushes every other week. For deep cleaning brushes, I use all kinds of gentle moisturizing shampoos. You just want one that doesn’t strip your hair of moisture. For drying brushes, I enjoy using the Benjabelle brush tree and it is a great added tool, important if you have a ton of brushes. For anyone who has only a few brushes and who wears makeup infrequently, I would not recommend getting one. What I am going to highly recommend are the brush guards. I have recommended them on my blog in previous articles too but I really feel it doesn’t get the attention it deserves! They are highly under-estimated.

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend and gearing up for some shopping in the coming weeks! I went to the Sephora VIB Rouge pre-event on Wednesday! Hauls will come by your way soon. 😉

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