How to create a defined eye without an eyeliner..

Here’s a secret to make your eyes look more put-together without a pile of makeup on.. Nobody will notice you have any liner on!

I always use this method to make my eyes look defined, yet without looking too made up… esp when I am in a rush with no time for eye makeup… The secret is to tight line the upper lash line.. which basically translates to lining the upper lash line usually with kohl or powder..

Here, I am showing a pictorial on how to define your eyes using a black eyeshadow and a flat definer / liner brush (Sigma E15)…

Here’s what you’ll need..

IMG_1006 copy

A black eyeshadow (Eyeshadow I used is Inglot #  80.. You can use any black/dark brown eyeshadow..) Black gives the best results since it gives volume to your lashes..

IMG_1007 copy

and… a definer / flat shadow brush

Before picture.. with under eye concealer..

IMG_1005 copy


IMG_1008 copy IMG_1010 copy

Here’s the finished effect.. You can see that the lash line immediately looks much more fuller and there is no noticeable line above your lashline.. All I did was dip the edge of the brush in the eyeshadow and wiggle it between my lashes from the bottom of the lashline – you are trying to fill in the spaces between the lashes..  {Try not to poke yourself in the eye when doing it the first few times.. ;-)}

This is also a great trick to make lashes look thicker for beginners who find a hard time with brushes and gel/liquid liners..

You can add a coat of mascara (I haven’t added any since I didn’t want to take away from the effect of tight lining alone) and you’re all set to go.. 😉

I hope this was helpful.. Have a great day!

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