Is the Too Faced better than sex mascara worth the hype??

Well.. we are here to find out.. 😉

I had used my Sephora points to get a sample size of the Too Faced better than sex mascara.. and here are my thoughts.. Let’s start with the packaging..

IMG_9679 copy IMG_9678 copyIMG_9683 copy

The mascara is in a metallic pink tube.. and the original tube (big size) is quite heavy to hold compared to regular drugstore/high-end mascaras.. The wand is quite unique.. I do not own any other mascara with a wand similar to this one.. It’s almost the shape of a DNA strand (complete with major and minor grooves.. lol.. that’s my geeky side talking).. In layman’s terms, its almost an hourglass shape of arrangement of bristles..

IMG_9681 copy IMG_9682 copy

The formula inside is quite dry (which I personally enjoy).. Its not too liquid-ey or gloopy on the wand.. You can still see the separate bristles with the product on..

Now for the fun part.. Lets now move on to how it looks on the eyes..

IMG_9797 copy

Without any mascara..

IMG_9803 copy

One coat of the Too faced better than sex mascara on the Top lashes.. It really coats my lashes well and looks quite natural.. Quite impressed with the first coat with lash separation, length and kinda giving them a curl/lift..

IMG_9808 copy

Two coats of the Too faced better than sex mascara.. Retains the traits of first coat but with more length and extra thickness at the base of the lashes..

NOTE: Between each coat of mascara, I do wait for a few seconds and comb my lashes out with the Real techniques lash groomer before applying the next coat..

IMG_9805 copy

Three coats of the Too faced better than sex mascara.. Same as above with increased length..

IMG_9810 copy

Four coats of the Too faced better than sex mascara.. Impressive with more length and thickness.. Still no clumps..

IMG_9813 copy

Five coats of the Too faced better than sex mascara.. This is where I really see formation of clumps.. and I despise it.. Personally, I would stop with four coats of this mascara for a full lash effect..

Overall, this mascara is a good one and it really can be built to the level you desire.. I especially see this working beautifully on people with shorter lashes.. It stayed put all day on my watery eyes with no flaking.. This product get a big thumbs up from me.. Great formula indeed.. It sure is worth the hype.. 😉

PS. It comes off with most makeup removers..

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