LAURA MERCIER Rouge Nouveau Weightless lip creme in ‘MINK’…

I recently read about the Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau weightless lip creme (phew! that’s a mouthful) from Karen ( and immediately felt the impulse to buy it.. At the time, I went into Sephora to check out the shades ‘Cafe’ and ‘Star’.. and returned home with ‘Mink’.. 🙂

IMG_2003 copy

There are 15 shades available in this range and the finishes range from Sheer to Matte to Creme.. I did not get Star since it was a sheer finish and it would do nothing to my pigmented lips.. Cafe was a good shade but I fell in love with the way Mink looked against my skin tone.. It costs $24.00 USD but I feel its worth it.. Of course I would’ve loved them even more if they were more affordable.. 😉

The packaging looks and feels quite luxe.. Metallic good quality packaging with the brand name inscribed onto the lid..

IMG_2004 copy IMG_2006 copy IMG_2007 copy

Back home, I had to immediately take pics for the blog and try it on! WOW – that was my reaction! It is the most beautiful shade of orange-red that I own with such a gorgeous texture.. It goes on extremely smooth and needs to be layered depending on the coloring of one’s lips.. Layering this product does not feel cake-y unlike most lipsticks and is extremely comfortable on the lips (even though its a matte finish)!! The best thing about this lipstick is the feeling of not having anything on the lips.. its very light in that sense.. Also, it lasts long on the lips and keeps the lips moisturized – I just top it off with clear lip balm if needed (a few hours down the line)…

I had to travel recently to NY for a week and although I carried a few lipsticks, all I used was this lipstick! 6 days straight! that’s a record for me since I tend to switch lip color up almost every day.. 🙂


IMG_2009 copy   IMG_2010 copy

Left – Indoor lighting; Right – Natural day light

photo (2) copy photo (4) copy photo (5) copy

Me with my favorite lipstick of the moment on three days last week.. 🙂

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