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I am so excited to share that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Cheyenne.. Thank you once again Cheyenne for the tag.. You can read more from Cheyenne at

The Liebster award is not really an Award/Trophy but is more of a tag where a fellow blogger chooses 10 bloggers (with under 200 followers) who they think is worthy of more subscribers..

So, she tagged me as one such blogger.. In turn, I have to answer Cheyenne’s questions and choose 10 other bloggers with less than 200 followers who are worth reading and have them answer questions I come up with.. It’s basically like passing on the torch..  🙂

Here are the questions Cheyenne asked:

1. Why did you start blogging?

I basically needed an outlet for my madness for makeup & skin care but did not have people around who shared this passion to the same extent as mine.. Also, I found that there was a dearth of information for women of color, especially for olive-tanned skin tone.. Since there wasn’t much out there, I wanted to try and help others who have/had similar questions and share what I knew.. and so, I started blogging!

2.What has been the most difficult thing about blogging? the easiest?

The most difficult thing about blogging is finding your own style of writing and keeping it fresh for readers.. Also, the time one has to invest in blogging is way more than one anticipates! 😉

The easiest thing about blogging is that you are writing about what you love! That makes it easy and fun.. I am constantly learning new things..  🙂

3. Do you have a favorite beauty brand?

Quite a few actually.. depends on the category of product though.. Overall, I really like Make Up For Ever, MAC, NARS and Inglot..

4. If you could travel to anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

I would love to travel across Europe, especially to Denmark since people there are supposed to be the happiest on earth and also to Ireland – I fell in love with after watching P.S. I Love You!

5. What is your favorite store ?

For Cosmetics, Sephora since there are so many brands under one roof and I like their BI and VIB program..

6. What is the best beauty tip you have?

Instead of buying different colored eye liners, just buy a multi-color eyeshadow palette like the ones from BH cosmetics or ELF or coastal scents (anything cheap) and a soft black eyeliner.. Line your top lashline with the pencil and smudge it.. Apply the eyeshadow of choice over the black liner and voila, you’ll have a colored eye liner.. Or you could swap the black liner and get Duraline from Inglot and convert any eyeshadow into a liquid eyeliner that doesn’t budge!

7. What is your favorite beauty trick?

After applying foundation, wipe over your eyebrows with a cotton bud dipped in a bit of water.. It’ll remove the excess foundation stuck in your brows.. You’ll be amazed at how much better your brows look just by doing this! This works best on darker brows..

8. What is one product you couldn’t live without?


9. What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

Living with my grandparents during holidays.. 🙂

10. If you had to eat the same thing every day for a year what would you choose?

Seafood! Anything with seafood! I love seafood! Did I mention Seafood?!! 😉

Another food I can live with eating every day would be an omelette! Yummy…

11. Where do you buy most of your beauty products?

Mostly online (for products out of my reach) and Sephora..

I really enjoyed answering these questions.. and now for the toughest part, finding 10 other bloggers with <200 followers!

I am tagging the following bloggers for the Liebster Award..











and the Questions I am asking are: 

1. What is your style of makeup?

2. What is your favorite makeup product?

3. How often do you wash your makeup brushes?

4. What is your favorite skin care product?

5. Why did you start blogging?

6. What is your favorite season? and Why?

7. What inspires you (makeup related)?

8. What is your profession?

9. Amongst Bollywood/Hollywood actresses, whose makeup do you admire the most?

10. What do you love about makeup?

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