Lorac Pro palette..

It’s Friday! YAY… I hope you all had a good week.. Here’s, my review on the LORAC PRO palette..

I did’t own any product from LORAC and hence was skeptical about getting this palette as first.. and now, having tried it – I am soo glad I got it..

I had purchased the LORAC Rockin’ Red Hot PRO Set from Ulta in November 2013 and have loved it so far.. I purchased this set for $39.00, which is a great value for money considering you get the LORAC PRO eyeshadow palette, LORAC Front of the line PRO and LORAC behind the scenes eyeshadow primer..

IMG_5753 copy

IMG_5755 copy

I didn’t care much for the eyeshadow primer since it creased on my eyelids.. I much prefer my beloved NARS eyeshadow primer.. The eyeliner however, is a nice felt-tip liner.. It stayed put all day on my oily eyelids.. Thumbs up for that..

Let’s get to the eyeshadow palette now..

IMG_5722 copy IMG_5723 copy

This palette features eight matte and eight satin/shimmery shades.. The texture of the eyeshadows is great! especially the satin/shimmery shades at the bottom.. they almost feel velvet-ey.. Even the matte shadows go on smooth without much fallout.. I really enjoy the 50-50 balance of the mattes with the shimmery shades.. I also love the color range in this palette.. It features nice, light, highlight-ey shades, great mid-tones, deep browns and a matte black.. Also, there are a few colors that stand out like ‘Gold’ which is a gorgeous gold color, ‘Garnet’ which is red bronze color, ‘Slate’ which is a gray color and ‘Deep Purple’ which as the name suggests is a dark purple shade.. Overall, this palette provides options for color as well as for a neutral look…

IMG_5726 copy  IMG_5729 copy

I have used this palette quite a bit during my trip in India.. Especially during my sister’s wedding, her reception and  my wedding & reception.. For the wedding season in India, I feel the shade ‘Gold’ is the perfect shade to go with traditional Indian clothing.. It is not too light, not too deep, just the right tone for NC40-42.. It is by far my favorite shade in this palette.. Closely following as favorites are Taupe, Sable, Expresso, Lt. Bronze and Pewter..


IMG_5732 copy 

IMG_5737 copy IMG_5740 copy IMG_5735 copy

IMG_5744 copy  IMG_5750 copy  

The only con I see with this palette is that two shades – Nude & Champagne are pretty much the same… I don’t see much difference between them.. this could have been replaced with another highlighter with a different tone or a different shade altogether..

Nevertheless, this is my most used & most loved palette so far.. Never have I used a single palette so often.. I prefer this to all my Urban Decay ‘Naked’ palettes.. I am finally getting my hands on the NARS Narsissist palette today! Can’t wait to compare NARS eyeshadows to these.. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend..

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