Louise Young brushes!!!

Happy Friday guys.. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..

I finally gave in and purchased some much wanted Louise Young (LY) brushes! One of those many things I convinced myself of as a wedding gift to self.. 😉

IMG_4012 copy

LY brushes are not easily accessible in the US, atleast not in stores.. I purchased mine off of nordstrom.com.. Typically, LY brushes are handmade of natural sable hair and the brush handles are made of kiln dried birch or beech.. The brushes feel quite luxurious, are quite light & comfortable to hold..

IMG_4013 copy

So, I purchased four brushes – two eyeliner brushes and two crease/definer brushes..

LY manufactures three of crease brushes in the LY38 series comprising of LY38, LY38A and LY38B.. with each one made slimmer than the prior.. I decide to purchase the largest (LY38) and the slimmest (LY38B) of the series.. These costed $28 and $24 respectively..

IMG_4015 copy

Top to bottom : LY38, LY38B

IMG_4020 copy

L to R : LY38B, LY38

I did the same for the eyeliner brushes… LY24 series.. purchased LY24 and LY24B.. These costed $20 and $17 respectively..

IMG_4022 copy

Top to bottom : LY24, LY24B

IMG_4028 copy

L to R : LY24B, LY24

Here’s a comparison of these new LY brushes with my existing brushes in the same category..

IMG_4032 copy IMG_4036 copy

Top to bottom : Sigma E45, LY38 & LY38B

Amongst all the brushes I have for defining the crease of the eye, the Sigma E45 was the closest to LY brushes in terms of shape of the brush.. However, it is in no way the same as LY brushes.. LY brushes are way softer and have a much tapered tip which makes for precise application.. Applying color to the crease and defining it is so much easier with these brushes! It has made my makeup life so much easier.. 😉

I really enjoy these two brushes and definitely used them on my wedding day.. If I had to pick one amongst these two, I would highly recommend LY38.. You won’t be disappointed… LY38B is a great add on for precise color application and detailed crease work..

IMG_4040 copy IMG_4041 copy

Top to bottom : Real techniques fine liner brush, Sigma E10, LY24 & LY24B

So, of course I compared my favorite cream/gel liner brushes.. From the images above, you can appreciate how thin the LY24 and LY24B are.. These come to a fine tip unlike the other two brushes.. LY24 is really comfortable to use and makes for a great addition to my other eyeliner brushes… Something about the lightness of the brush or the cut or angle makes applying eyeliner really easy.. I would reserve LY24B for really detailed eyeliner effects.. and if I had to recommend one amongst these two, I would recommend the LY24..

I have used all the brushes quite a bit in the last two months and have also subjected them to both spot washes and soap water washes.. These haven’t shed yet.. 🙂

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