MAC eyeshadows Typographic & Handwritten..

Happy Valentines Day Folks.. This is my first valentines after my wedding and its exciting.. 🙂

If you’ve seen my recent MAC haul, you would recognize these eyeshadows – Typographic and Handwritten.. I had heard great reviews about these eyeshadows especially for my skintone and hence wanted to try them for quite some time.. So, off I went to the only MAC stand-alone store in Indiana.. I swatched them and was deciding between the two shades when Maddy, a very sweet, bright MAC MUA suggested that the two eyeshadows actually pair really well with each other.. She asked me if I wanted to try them on and ofcourse I wanted to see the eyeshadows in action..


IMG_6820 copy IMG_6823 copy

L to R: Handwritten, Typographic

This is the look Maddy did on my eyes.. She applied Handwritten all over my eyes especially in the crease as a blending color.. She next applied Typographic in the outer corner and into the crease to add depth.. I usually don’t opt for such deep colors but I absolutely loved the look Maddy had created.. It was great! Ofcourse I had to buy both.. 😉

Also what I loved about Maddy was that she wasn’t pushy about making me buy any of the products! It was so refreshing..

IMG_6784 copy IMG_6788 copyIMG_6785 copy

I got the refill pans for $10.00 USD each and they contain 1.5g of eyeshadow.. The texture on both of these is Matte2, which is much smoother and pigmented than Matte formula.. This makes them great for blending as well! I love these two eyeshadows – individually and together..

IMG_6805 copy

IMG_6806 copy

IMG_6807 copy

L to R: Typographic, Handwritten

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