My favorite concealer (for the face) in the whole wide world..!!

I am a concealer freak.. I said it! I have tried countless number of concealers from different brands… always had something missing in one versus the other..

Concealer was probably the first makeup product that I ever purchased! Even as a teenager, I would always wear a concealer on problem areas.. Even today, on days that I want to look absolutely natural, I stick to concealer and setting powder.. It is a must-have for me on a daily basis..

I have tried sooo many and I finally struck gold when I found the Make Up For Ever full cover concealer about 4 years ago.. They are on the pricier side ($32) but I have not run out of my first tube even 4 years down the line! The product is worth it and I feel that the price is completely justified given how long these last…

These come in 12 shades as of today and are very pigmented.. a small amount goes a looooooong way with these! I have three colors that I mix and match depending on my skin tone across different seasons.. I use them primarily to cover up acne scarring and fresh acne/zits.. I will not recommend these for under eye area as these can be quite drying and cakey for that purpose…

IMG_5369 copy

MUFE Full Cover concealers! I really enjoy the squeeze out tube packaging.. its great to take only the amount one needs.. The tip of the tube is extremely fine which enables me to take out the tiniest amount of concealer.. This prevents wastage and is a big bonus for me..

IMG_5370 copy

L to R: Shades 6, 7 and 8…

IMG_5372 copy

Top to Bottom: 8, 7 & 6..

IMG_5374 copy

L to R: Shades 6, 7 and 8…

These concealers are oil-free which is excellent for my combination-oily skin.. Its also waterproof which makes it great to wear year round and in various weather conditions.. It lasts all day on me with no touch-ups..

I hate it when concealers leave a shiny look to the face.. it almost completely defeats the purpose of concealing! The MUFE concealers give complete coverage and leave a matte finish on the skin.. I believe these can also cover Tattoos! Thats how pigmented these are.. 😉

Just be careful and try to work fast with this product because this does tend to dry up or set on the skin quite soon.. I usually squeeze out a tiny amount at a time on the back of my hand and work with it.. and add more if needed.. that way, the product doesn’t have enough time to dry out on the hand..

In conclusion, this is a must have for me and I will continue to repurchase this product…


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    1. Oh, I am sorry you don’t have access to MUFE.. They are a wonderful brand.. Where are you from?
      I feel the same about European brands such as Bourjois, Sleek, Bioderma, etc.. which we don’t have access to.. I usually try and order them off of Amazon after researching for the right shade on Google.. 😉
      Thank you for taking time to read my article and sharing your thoughts!

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