NARS Narsissist Palette..

Today I am featuring the much awaited NARS Narsissist eyeshadow palette.. This palette features 15 NARS signature eye shadow shades which are pretty much on the neutral side.. You get 0.003 oz of each shadow ranging from nudes to browns to taupe to purple to greys… The palette costs $79.00 USD and looks gorgeous in typical NARS packaging..

IMG_6829 copy

IMG_6830 copy

It has the following shades which are no where mentioned on the packaging!

0.003 oz x 15 eye shadow in: All About Eve I (flesh toned neutrals), Madrague II (matte caramel), Fez (velvety cocoa), Bali (neutral), Coconut Grove (deep brown infused with reflections), Madrague I (matte cream), Nepal (soft sheer rose), Ashes to Ashes (shimmery violet based brown), Brousse II (black violet), Mekong (espresso infused with gold), Bellissima I (shimmering beige with subtle glitter), Lhasa (lavender grey), Bad Behavior (deep pewter), Dogon II (charcoal black), Pandora II (matte black)

IMG_6832 copy

Image: Palette in natural day light..

IMG_6837 copy

Image: Palette in indoor lighting.. 

There was a lot of  hype surrounding this palette, especially at the time of release.. However, after release there were mixed reviews for this palette… This did not deter me because I have wanted to try NARS eyeshadows for a long time and really wanted to like this palette.. I really enjoy their eye shadow primer, lip products, blushes and foundations.. Unfortunately, this palette did nothing for me (See swatches below)..

IMG_6841 copy

Image: Swatch in indoor lighting……

IMG_6845 copy

Image: Swatch in natural light..

I bought the first palette in Sephora and played around with it trying to make it work.. However, the pigmentation on these eye shadows is extremely poor (as seen in the swatches), except for 2 shades Fez and Brouse II.. The first 4 shades in the palette almost look the same on my skin tone.. Also, the last 4 shades which look different in the palette don’t look much different on my skin tone.. Most of the other shades are too sheer…

However, just to eliminate the possibility that I got a dud, I took the palette back to Sephora and got it replaced… Story repeated itself.. Pigmentation is sooo poor.. I expected NARS eye shadows to deliver… and they failed.. badly… especially for $79.. Drugstore eye shadows offer more pigmentation than these for a fraction of the cost.. The only shadow that really was as per my expectations was Fez, the first shadow in the 3rd column.. Really smooth and pigmented.

Positives: Neutral palette (can get a lot of use out of it); beautiful, sleek, compact packaging; convenient palette for travel

Negatives : No eye shadow names on palette; price; lack of pigmentation; color range (many shades are redundant); dark shadows are difficult to blend


Overall, this palette was a fail for me.. I hope NARS comes out with better palettes next time around..

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