One step cleanser to remove makeup and clean your skin..

Hey Guys, Happy Friday! Today, I am sharing with you all my thoughts on the highly rated Shu Uemura high performance balancing cleansing oil advanced formula..

Off of Shu Uemura’s website – “Evolved from the original shu uemura cleansing oil, “Classic” is reformulated with an advanced High Performance Cleansing Oil system for significantly improved removability of waterproof make-up.”

IMG_7278 copy

I had purchased this cleanser a while back when I ordered the Shu Uemura eye lash curler and had kept it aside.. I just couldn’t get myself to try oil cleanser on my already oily-combination skin.. It did not make any sense to me, then.. 😉

However, I was in India for my wedding and thereafter for about 6 weeks and I came back to the US to witness the worst winter I’ve been through.. My regular skincare could only keep up so much.. I noticed dry patches on my skin and had the dry, dehydrated, stretchy feeling.. Concealer and powder would stick to these patches and look sooo uneven.. I absolutely hated it..

On accident, while I was cleaning up, my eyes laid upon the oil cleanser I had kept aside.. So, I tried it and fell in love with it! I replaced my favorite cleanser (Purity by Philosophy) and makeup remover (Bioderma) for this miracle oil.. Firstly, it eliminated one extra step – one step of oil cleansing not only takes off my makeup but also cleanses my skin! I absolutely love that.. Secondly, for some odd reason I don’t like putting water on my face on some (read most) evenings/nights… 😉 So, often I would just clean my face with the Bioderma makeup remover.. and go directly to moisturizer & serum and go to bed.. However, using this oil somehow makes me WANT to wash my face every single night in over 2.5 months (except 1 day when I was extremely tired).. and that’s a sure record.. It works probably because the first step is dry – in the sense that it doesn’t need water.. All you do is massage a small amount of the cleansing oil into your skin and see the makeup melt away.. The second step is to add water and remove all that makeup off your face – the oil now turns milky and comes off leaving behind clean skin..

IMG_7280 copy

This is how liquid-ey the product is..

I love how my skin looks and feels.. Even in this harsh weather, it keeps my skin healthy and moisturized.. no more dry patches, especially in combination with the rest of my skin care! And surprisingly, the product is not at all greasy or sticky.. The feel is almost, dare I say, water-like.. very thin and light.. Another great feature of this product is that I do not need to use a toner after using this cleansing oil.. I, of course had to try it once and ended up with a clean cotton pad at the end… It doesn’t have any particular scent (at least not something I can detect).. This may be useful for individuals with sensitive skin..

The product costs $31 for 1 bottle of 150ml.. but I use such a small amount at a time that one bottle will last me for over 6 months.. You can see how little I have used up in the past 10 weeks – hence I feel the price is justified considering that it saves time and replaces two-three other expensive products.. In addition, the bottle comes with a pump! YAY..

I plan to continue using this cleansing oil into summer.. I will try and see if it makes my skin prone to producing more or less oil in summer.. Overall, this product is gonna be a stable in my skincare especially during the winter months.. I love it and give it a 5/5 rating.. 🙂

Here’s the product in action:

1. IMG_7284 copy

Eyeliner scribbled on hand as a test model.. 🙂

2. IMG_7285 copy

Rub some cleaning oil and massage into skin.. See how the black eyeliner is no longer visible.. It just looks like a grey-black lotion on hand.. This is true for any makeup in contact with the cleansing oil.. 🙂

3. IMG_7282 copy

Add water to the hand.. the oil turns into a milky lotion..

4. IMG_7288 copy

Wash off and pat dry.. Voila.. beautiful, clean skin.. 🙂

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