Purple eye makeup..

I figured I haven’t done an eye makeup look in a loooong time! So, here’s a pictorial on creating a purple eye look.. Not the ‘punch in the eye’ kind.. 😉

Purple eye makeup looks especially good on tan to deep skin tones with dark brown/black eyes.. Purple eyeshadow helps bring out the brown in your eyes..

Again, you do not need to use every single product I have used.. I had to use more than one color to build some pigmentation and intensity.. Feel free to swap these with any product you have.. I hope you enjoy..


The steps to achieve this look are listed below:

1. Apply under eye concealer, set it with powder and use an eyeshadow primer over your eyelid.. Details are in the post http://beautylashes19.com/2013/07/31/my-favorite-under-eye-concealer/

2. Apply Maybelline eye studio eyeliner in the color eggplant to the eyelid.. This was too light for me.. so I added step 3..

3. Apply Maybelline color tattoo in ‘painted purple’ to the lid..

4. Apply the shade ‘highness’ from the Sleek Ultra matts V2 palette on top of the eye base used in step 3..

5. Apply Inglot Matte #325 and Pearl #446 to outer corner and into the crease..

6. Apply the shade ‘Sexy’ from the Balm Nude’tude palette to add warmth to the crease.. Add the shade ‘serious’ from the same palette to the outer corner of eye and to add depth to the crease..

7. Add Ben Nye pigment ‘Amethyst’ to the lid..

8. Add MAC eyeshadow in ‘trax’ to tear duct area and inner part of lower lashline.. Add pigment ‘Amethyst’ to lower lashline and meet trax in the middle of the lower eyelid.. You can highlight under your brows with any highlighter of choice.. Sorry but I don’t recall what exact product I used here..

You can stop this look at various stages..

1. With only mascara: Mascara is Loreal Voluminous million lashes

IMG_1376 copy

2. With mascara and eyeliner: Eyeliner is Clinique gel liner in true black

IMG_1378 copy

3. Go all the way with mascara, eyeliner, pencil on waterline and false lashes: Ardell lashes in 109 and UD ‘perversion’ eye pencil on waterline

IMG_1387 copy

More pictures :

IMG_1391 copy

IMG_1398 copy

IMG_1393 copy


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