Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge..

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive alternative to the beautyblender sponge, this is a great option.. It is the Real techniques Miracle complexion sponge.. Priced at  $6, it is an excellent value for money.. I have two of these and love them..

These pictures were taken without wetting the sponge.. The sponge swells up to twice its size when soaked in water..

IMG_3211 copy IMG_3216 copy IMG_3219 copy

I use the sponge as follows:

Rinse the sponge in luke warm water till it swells up.. squeeze out excess water from the sponge.. I then dab on foundation using the Real techniques buffing brush and buff in into my skin.. It is at this stage that I dab my foundation with the RT sponge.. The sponge somehow makes the foundation blend into the skin and gives a more natural finish.. removing any cakey-ness or powdery-ness..

IMG_3225 copy    IMG_3224 copy

If I am using a light concealer under my eyes (for a highlighted look), I once again use this sponge to give a more blended look..

IMG_3222 copy

IMG_3227 copy

The cuts on the sponge are perfect for different areas of the face – corners around the nose, under the eyes, larger areas of the face, etc.. Overall, I would highly recommend this especially if you are struggling with cakey-ness.. I haven’t tried washing them though as they are pretty much clean since I use this after using a brush for applying & blending the foundation.. Will need to test that out..

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