Red & Gold Look…

This is the look I came up with on a dull Saturday night.. This is by no means a very wearable look.. although some would disagree with me..  😉

It was a day I was obsessed with the color red! I was bored and my fiance suggested that I play with makeup.. esp Red! He was the one who suggested trying an eye look with red eyeshadow.. It sure helps to have a man who says that!

Unfortunately, I did this at night and couldn’t get any pictures in daylight.. Nevertheless, here it is..

1 copy

5 copy

6 copy


8 copy


9 copy


11 copy


The eyelids were primed with too faced Shadow insurance, followed by Inglot # AMC 50 all over the lid and into the crease.. This was blended beyond the crease to diffuse the color.. Next MUFE star powder # 922, a loose gold pigment was applied near the tear duct area and was also used lightly under the brows to highlight it.. The gold near the tear duct area was blended into the red on the eyelids..

2 copy

On the lower lash line, I wanted a complementary color and opted for green.. I use Inglot # D.S. 611 for this..

For mascara, I used MAC zoom lash on my right eye.. It started to clump.. so used the MUFE smoky lash mascara on my left eye.. I know it looks funny up close but I was right at home with absolutely nowhere to go!

14 copy

Next came the gel eyeliners.. I used a red eyeliner (Inglot # 79) all over the upper lash line (very close to the lashes) and extended it out into a wing.. This red wing was then surrounded by green eyeliner (Inglot # 86) to make it brighter..

7 copy

The red eyeliner was also extended into the inner corner of the eyes to make a pointed tip for a feline appearance..

For my brows, I used brun eyeshadow by MAC on an angled brush..

8 lips copy

10 lips

12 lips


On the lips, I had a MUFE Rouge artist intense lipstick in # 42 and blended it using the Sigma brush # L05..

12 copy

There you have the finished look.. In the end, all I could think about was the cardinal bird.. Coincidentally, it is the state bird of Indiana state.. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post…

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