Sephora Color IQ Experience!

Sephora was having the Color IQ last weekend and I did not want to miss it! How many of us have the wrong shade of foundation?? I am sure quite a few.. Even though we have the PROs in stores like Sephora, MAC, Nordstrom, etc to guide us, there is always a margin for human error, especially if its not matched in natural day light… I have a bunch of expensive foundations that just sit around because they do not match my skin tone in natural light.. So, I was excited that Sephora had this instrument that could measure your skin tone and predict best foundations based on the skin tone..

So off I went.. The lady at Sephora was friendly and asked me if I knew how this was done.. I denied and she explained that basically the instrument measures the skin tone at 3 different parts of the face and takes an average of the skin tone to predict best foundation matches..

So, she took the measurement on my forehead, apple of cheek and jawline.. and within a minute I had my skin tone! 3Y09.. I had various recommendations and I chose a foundation sample based on my skin type (Oily/combination).. Chose hourglass immaculate foundation in “Beige”.. It is a great match for my skin.. I would highly recommend trying the color IQ out if you are on the hunt for a new foundation that actually matches your skin tone.. For those with Boots store, I am almost sure Boots also does something similar to match their foundations.. Good luck!

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  1. Hi i am also 3y09 at sephora color IQ.but the shades they have chosen for me seemed to be a shade darker than my skin tone.
    can you share a picture of your skin tone so that i can match mine that they really got the exact color.


      1. Hi thanks for the reference and u look lovely.

        I have bit confusion on the shade of bare minerals powder foundation where i am using Medium beige.
        but i feel golden medium would be better.

        If you can help me in that incase you happened to visit sephora next time and give your opinion on golden medium and medium beige of bare minerals powder foundation would be a gr8 help.
        I am really confused with so many shades and getting perfect match.

        Thanks again

        1. Thanks so much Pallabita..
          From online swatches, I do think medium beige might be more brown than yellow.. Golden medium looks like a good yellow tone.. You might wanna get that one too and try mixing the two shades.. you may be in between shades..
          I’ll check them out the next time I am at Sephora and will get back to you.. Take care..

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