Sunny eyes.. ;-)

IMG_1321 copy

Here’s a look that’s quite summery.. wont you say? 😉

It uses colors inspired by the season around us – Summer! I have used yellow and different tones and textures of orange.. Also, a hint of brown to achieve this look.. So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Prime your eyelids.. I used NARS eye primer all over my eyelid- you can replace this with any other primer that works for you or no primer if you are lucky to have dry eyelids.. I had already filled in my brows and added concealer to my under eye area at this stage..

IMG_1269 copy

Step 2: I added Maybelline color tattoo in fierce & Tangy to the lid area using my ring finger.. I took care about not taking the color into the crease..

IMG_1271 copy IMG_1272 copy IMG_1273 copy

Step 3: Next, I added Bamm! shade (Yellow) from Sleek palette Ultra matts V1 on top of the orange that you added in Step 2.. I used a flat shader brush by Sigma (E55 )..

IMG_1274 copy

IMG_1276 copy

Step 4: I then added Strike (orange) shade from Sleek palette Ultra matts V1 to outer corner and into the crease using the same E55 brush by Sigma..

IMG_1277 copy

IMG_1278 copy

Blend the orange color above the crease till there are no harsh edges – I used Sigma E25 brush.. Blend, blend, blend.. 🙂

IMG_1281 copy IMG_1286 copy

Step 5: Add MAC eyeshadow in Saffron into the crease for added depth.. I used Sephora Pro Precision Crease Brush #17 to add color and Sephora Pro Crease Brush #10 to blend..

IMG_1289 copy IMG_1290 copy

Step 6: Add the brown shade (#4) from Avon palette in Sandy corals to add Depth to the crease.. I used the Sephora Pro Crease Brush #10 to blend..

IMG_1294 copy IMG_1295 copy

Step 7: Add the cream shade (#1) from Avon palette in Sandy corals to the brow bone as brow highlight..

IMG_1296 copy IMG_1297 copy

Step 8: Add Bamm! to inner corner and first half of  lower lashline..

Step 9: Add Strike to outer portions of  lower lashline..

IMG_1300 copy

Step 10: Add Urban Decay ‘Perversion’ eye pencil to both top and bottom waterline..

IMG_1301 copy

IMG_1304 copy

Step 11: I added Clinique gel liner in ‘true black’ to my top lash line and extended it ever so slightly..

IMG_1307 copy   IMG_1308 copy IMG_1309 copy

Step 12: I then curled my lashes using Shu Uemura eye lash curler and added Loreal voluminous million lashes mascara to top and bottom lashes..

IMG_1311 copy IMG_1312 copy IMG_1313 copy

IMG_1314 copy

IMG_1315 copy

Voila.. you are done! You can always make this look more glamorous by adding some false lashes..

Here are some pictures of the completed look..

IMG_1327 copy IMG_1328 copy

  • Indoor lights

IMG_1319 copy IMG_1316 copy

  • In Natural light..

Note: You can replace the eyeshadows with any similar color you may have.. You do not need to use the exact same colors to achieve a similar look..

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