Swatch Series-1

Hey guys,

Today I am starting a new series where I’ll be swatching various makeup products on a white paper.. I am calling it the ‘Swatch Series’.. Many a times we swatch products on our skin and invariably, it leads to an altered appearance based on individual skin tone.. Hence, I decided to use paper to avoid any influence of my undertone and/or pigmentation in my skin.. I’ll be posting swatches of foundations, blushes, lip products and everything related to makeup! This series will not have in-depth review of the product.. It is just a means for looking at the various color options I have for that particular product on a white background.. This may help individuals in making a more educated choice.. I hope this is helpful.. Feel free to join me in my series.. 

My first swatch series is dedicated to RCMA cream foundations.. I own the 5 part series favorites palette in the color family ‘Shinto’ and the VK palette 10.. Here are the swatches..

IMG_0555 copy


SH series addresses yellow and green undertones.. KT series reflects natural suntan tones such as yellow tan.. KO series are meant as in-between shades of SH series.. However, I do not find them to be in between shades.. There’s quite a wide range there and some shades in this range are quite light.. MB series are a set of deeper shades.. 

Description from

SH-1 to SH-4 have ochre undertones, rising in very small increments of color depth .

SH-5 to Sh-8 increasingly deepening tan/yellow tones for men

KT-1: light yellow tan

KT-2: yellow tan

KO-1 to KO-4 : Increasing deepness of color for women

KO-5 to KO-8 : Increasing tones for men

MB1 – Light brown with orange undertones

MB2 – Medium with orange undertones

MB3 – Deep with orange undertones

MB4 – Dark with orange undertones

MB5 – Lighter with reddish undertones

MB6 – Brown with reddish undertones

MB7 – Brown with deep yellowish undertones

MB8 – Brown with blackish undertones

For reference, I am close to an NC40 in MAC foundations and I use Shinto shades 1, 2 & 3.. With or without a sunscreen, I use SH-1 predominantly and a bit of SH-2 on the darker parts of my face.. On days that I use a tinted moisturizer/foundation, I tend to use SH-2 predominantly and a bit of SH-3 on the darker parts of my face (corners of mouth)..

Note: All my tinted moisturizers and foundations are darker than the skin tone on my face since my neck is darker than my face and I like to match my neck.. 

I also use KT-1 and/or 2.. It is great for counteracting the darkness under the eyes due to the orange tones in it.. The MB series and SH-5 work great as contour products on my skin tone.. 🙂