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Hey guys, today I have a comparison video of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer pencil and the Makeup Revolution Duo brow pencil. Are they dupes? Find out in the video 😊.

Products used in this video:
ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Brow Definer, Dark brown –
Makeup Revolution Duo Brow Pencil, Medium Brown –

Dupe Alert – MAC Trax eyeshadow

Happy Sunday Folks.. Today, I have a quick post for you all.. I was browsing through my eyeshadow collection and found a good dupe for MAC’s eyeshadow in ‘Trax’, which retails for $10-$16 depending on whether you get a refill pan or an individual eyeshadow… It’s a velvet texture and MAC describes this shade as a burgundy-plum with shimmer.. A great dupe for this is one of the shades from the Wet n Wild ‘Petal Pusher’ palette which retails for only $4.99 for the whole palette (It’s a bit cheaper when on sale)..  Check out the swatches below..

IMG_2098 copy

Image: Without Flash  (L to R: MAC ‘Trax’ eyeshadow, W n W Petal Pusher palette eyelid shade)

IMG_2102 copy

Image: With Flash (L to R: MAC ‘Trax’ eyeshadow, W n W Petal Pusher palette eyelid shade)

IMG_2110 copy IMG_2115 copy

L to R: MAC ‘Trax’ eyeshadow, W n W Petal Pusher palette eyelid shade

IMG_2113 copy IMG_2114 copy

L to R: MAC ‘Trax’ eyeshadow, W n W Petal Pusher palette eyelid shade

The two shades are extremely close in shade and finish.. If I really have to pick the difference, I would say that the W n W shade is a bit less pigmented (in terms of the purple color) and has more shimmery particles in it.. However, with an eye primer, the two shades look pretty much the same..

Dupe for MAC 217 brush..

Hello fellas,

Happy Friday! We’ve all heard the fuss over Mac 217 blending brush.. It’s known to be a great brush for not only applying color but also for blending out the eye shadows.. I personally adore this brush and is perfect in size and shape for its purpose.. The bristles are dense enough to pick up enough eye shadow to give good intensity and color payoff.. Also, the shape of the brush is great for blending out eye shadows.. However, it’s the price that doesn’t fit well with me..

Here, I am presenting a cheaper alternative to the MAC 217 brush.. It’s the E25 from Sigma… For price comparison, the Mac 217 costs $24 whereas the Sigma E25 costs only $12 – 50% less!

IMG_7175 copy

Top to bottom: Sigma E25, MAC 217

The funny part is that I’ve had the E25 for a much longer time (3-4 years) compared to MAC 217 that I got last month! However, I couldn’t imagine them to be dupes because each time I would wash the E25 it would lose its original shape (which was identical to Mac 217 upon purchase) and become more splayed resulting in a larger surface area.. It still worked well for blending out colors over a larger area on the eye but not for applying crease color..

What changed my mind about the E25 is the brush guard which costs under $10.. It is probably the best $10 I have spent for a set of brush guards.. After washing, all you have to do is insert a brush guard onto the brush and it makes them go back to their original shape! So each time I wash the E25 and use a brush guard, it comes out looking like the Mac 217 and functioning like one.. Visually, the only difference I can see between the two brushes is that E25 is a bit slimmer at the base compared to MAC 217..

IMG_7107 copy

IMG_7176 copy

L to R: MAC 217, Sigma E25

IMG_7180 copy

L to R: MAC 217, Sigma E25 side view

IMG_7181 copy

L to R: MAC 217, Sigma E25 Front view