Using Kevyn Aucoin essential skin enhancer as an under eye concealer.

Oh, I’ve missed blogging and vlogging! Soo excited to be back. I never imagined people would actually ask why I wasn’t making videos anymore. I am so thankful to each of you who has continued to support me despite my absence the last two months. It really keeps me going. I was in India for about 2 months for my visa stamping and that really threw me off track (since I didn’t have my recording tools and much of my stash). Once I was back in the states, I was busy moving into our new home. Now that I have almost settled at the new place, I felt it was time I got back to things I really enjoy doing.

So, my first video is a quick one. I’ve discovered yet another gem of a concealer. It’s none other than Kevyn Aucoin essential skin enhancer. It is a highly pigmented product that can double up as concealer and tinted moisturizer/foundation. Just mix a tiny amount into your moisturizer or tinted moisturizer to increase coverage. I have been testing it out this summer and it stays on beautifully on my oily skin. More on that when I review it as a base product. This blog post/video is geared towards using it as an under eye concealer.

This concealer will work on most skin types but I would stay clear if you have any dryness around your eyes. This product does well only with moisturized skin. Also, one has to be careful with how much you use. If you use too much, it will end up creasing. This can be avoided by using a small amount at a time and setting it with powder.

It’s pigmented enough that I can skip a corrector thereby reducing the no. of products I use on my face. Considering how little I use each time, this tub will last me for years! 🙂  Overall, this is my new favorite concealer for covering up my under eye circles. Have you tried it?

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