Pigments Haul!

I had heard about makeup artists using pigments and watched many YouTubers use them but never felt I would need to have them.. Well.. I was kinda wrong.. Curiosity got the better of me.. 😉

Recently, I decided to try some out.. I didn’t want to buy full size because these are new for me and I have heard that full-size pigments last forever! So, I decided to buy these mini pigment samples from http://www.makeupgeek.com/or MUG.. They sell pigments from various brands such as MAC, Ben Nye, MUG, Sugarpill, etc..

IMG_0463 copy

These are about 1/4 th teaspoon of the pigments packaged in clear, screw-top jars and cost $2.79 for Ben Nye pigments and $4.79 for MAC pigments.. which I feel is reasonable considering I wanted to try different colors and buying the full size meant spending atleast $21 USD for a single MAC pigment and about $18 USD for Ben Nye pigments… It just didn’t make sense in buying full size.. so here is what I got off of MUG website.. 🙂

IMG_0465 copy

I went ahead and ordered 3 Ben Nye and 8 MAC pigments..

Here are some swatches:

IMG_0468 copy

Top Row: MAC Vanilla, Ben Nye Sun Yellow and MAC Primary Yellow (PRO color)

Bottom Row: MAC Naked Dark “Limited Edition” and MAC Deep Brown (PRO color)

IMG_0469 copy

Love the Naked dark pigment as an all over lid color and Vanilla as a brow highlight!

IMG_0472 copy

IMG_0473 copy

Here comes the more shimmery/ metallic ones.. In general, I think these had more color payoff and were less ‘chalky’..

IMG_0476 copy

Top Row: MAC Melon (Pro Color), MAC Tan and MAC Copper Sparkle

Bottom Row: Ben Nye Peacock, Ben Nye Amethyst and MAC Deep Purple (PRO color)

IMG_0477 copy

IMG_0478 copy

IMG_0480 copy

IMG_0481 copy

Overall, I am enjoying using these pigments and will consider buying full size products once I use up some of my favorite colors.. For now, I have plenty to work with.. 🙂

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