Sonia Kashuk brushes review..

I had purchased these brushes by Sonia Kashuk a while back and wanted to use them for a while before I could review them.. The brushes are:

1. Sonia Kashuk Tools No. 20 LARGE DOMED EYE SHADOW BRUSH – This is a round, fluffy eye brush.. I use it most for blending, not so much for applying the eyeshadow.. It is quite soft and comfortable to use around the delicate eye area.. Made from all natural 100% cruelty free goat hair.. costs $9.59-$12.19 at Target.


2. Sonia Kashuk SYNTHETIC CREASE SHADOW BRUSH – This is a smaller, stiffer, round edged brush.. I use this most for applying concealer around my eyes, nose and mouth.. It can also be used to apply eyeshadow to demarcate the crease of the eye..

It is not the softest brush I have ever used but it does not poke the  skin around the eyes.. Made of synthetic nylon – cost around $9.49-$10.79 at Target… I would pass on this and spend that money on a Real Techniques brush instead.. Image

Overall, these make a decent addition to my growing brush collection.. I much prefer the Real Techniques brushes, especially considering they are around the same price range..  🙂


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