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Today I am starting a new series where I’ll be swatching various makeup products on a white paper.. I am calling it the ‘Swatch Series’.. Many a times we swatch products on our skin and invariably, it leads to an altered appearance based on individual skin tone.. Hence, I decided to use paper to avoid any influence of my undertone and/or pigmentation in my skin.. I’ll be posting swatches of foundations, blushes, lip products and everything related to makeup! This series will not have in-depth review of the product.. It is just a means for looking at the various color options I have for that particular product on a white background.. This may help individuals in making a more educated choice.. I hope this is helpful.. Feel free to join me in my series.. 

My first swatch series is dedicated to RCMA cream foundations.. I own the 5 part series favorites palette in the color family ‘Shinto’ and the VK palette 10.. Here are the swatches..

IMG_0555 copy


SH series addresses yellow and green undertones.. KT series reflects natural suntan tones such as yellow tan.. KO series are meant as in-between shades of SH series.. However, I do not find them to be in between shades.. There’s quite a wide range there and some shades in this range are quite light.. MB series are a set of deeper shades.. 

Description from

SH-1 to SH-4 have ochre undertones, rising in very small increments of color depth .

SH-5 to Sh-8 increasingly deepening tan/yellow tones for men

KT-1: light yellow tan

KT-2: yellow tan

KO-1 to KO-4 : Increasing deepness of color for women

KO-5 to KO-8 : Increasing tones for men

MB1 – Light brown with orange undertones

MB2 – Medium with orange undertones

MB3 – Deep with orange undertones

MB4 – Dark with orange undertones

MB5 – Lighter with reddish undertones

MB6 – Brown with reddish undertones

MB7 – Brown with deep yellowish undertones

MB8 – Brown with blackish undertones

For reference, I am close to an NC40 in MAC foundations and I use Shinto shades 1, 2 & 3.. With or without a sunscreen, I use SH-1 predominantly and a bit of SH-2 on the darker parts of my face.. On days that I use a tinted moisturizer/foundation, I tend to use SH-2 predominantly and a bit of SH-3 on the darker parts of my face (corners of mouth)..

Note: All my tinted moisturizers and foundations are darker than the skin tone on my face since my neck is darker than my face and I like to match my neck.. 

I also use KT-1 and/or 2.. It is great for counteracting the darkness under the eyes due to the orange tones in it.. The MB series and SH-5 work great as contour products on my skin tone.. 🙂

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  1. I am buying some samples of the RCMA foundation. I am also a NC40. I was also looking at the Shinto series and thought it would make a good match. My other samples I wanted to try were the KO series. What uses did you find for those from your VK palette? Do they also match or used for concealing or highligting? What do you recommend to put on the foundation, brush, fingers, sponge? What about primers for this foundation

  2. Hey Julia! For your skin tone, I would recommend the Shinto series over the KO ones. I use the palette for pretty much most base application- foundation, concealer, highlight and contouring.. If you would like to try them first, I would suggest getting the 5- series one for Shinto and see how you like that before buying the VK palette..

  3. For application, I prefer applying a small amount on the back of the hand with a spatula.. I then like to warm it up with my fingers and then use either a brush or my fingers depending on the finish and coverage I want that day.. Sponge might absorb too much of the cream product.. For primers, I would just base it off of your skin type..

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